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Amali (Mother)
Kass (Father)
Cree (Sister)
Genli (Sister)
Kheel (Sister)
Notts (Sister)

Kotts is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kotts is a Rito child, residing in Rito Village with her mother Amali and her four sisters. She is easily distinguished from her sisters by her yellow feathers.

Each morning at 8am, Kotts will get out of bed and make her way over to the very top deck of Rito Village, joining the village elder, Kaneli. Kotts is terrified of Divine Beast Vah Medoh who is flying up above. Kotts has a fear that Vah Medoh will eat her.[1] Although she comes up with some wild thoughts on what she could do to survive, thinking that maybe she'll feed Vah Medoh some fish so that it is too stuffed to want to eat her instead.[2]

Kotts will ask Link if he's scared of Vah Medoh and if Link tells her that he's not, she wonders if Link is a Champion.[3][4] Although if Link is scared, Kotts offers to hold his hand so that he doesn't get too scared.[5]

At 9pm each evening, Kotts will head back to her hut to go to bed. She says she has to hurry and get their soon so that the bird monsters doesn't eat her.[6]

Tears of the Kingdom

Kotts runs the Swallow's Roost while Cecili is away.[7] She is hopeful to lay down on one of the beds, upset that she made them too comfortable again.[8] When Link first arrives, she's a bit startled that a customer is actually here. With the Blizzard effecting the entire region, there are no other guests at the moment.[9] Kotts overs a regular bed for 20 rupees or a Rito-down bed for 50 rupees.[10] The Rito-down bed is a bit more expensive, but will restore more of Link's health when he uses it, giving him some Temporary Hearts and extra Stamina.[11]

After the blizzard, Kotts remains at Swallow's Roost making the beds, while Cecili is behind the desk taking customers.[12][13]. Kotts wakes up at 10am, although she wants to sleep in, she knows she has a job to do.[14]



  1. I...I'm scared of the bird monster. I hope it doesn't eat me... Did the village elder tell you about it? Are you scared of it too? - Kotts
  2. But you're much bigger than me! If you're scared, I'm doomed! What should I do? OH! I've got it! I'll feed it lots of fish until it's too stuffed to eat me! AHHH! But what if when I try to give it the fish, it eats me instead! *gulp* - Kotts
  3. Aren't you scared of the bird monster? You don't look very scared. - Kotts
  4. Woah! Really? Are you a Champion or something? - Kotts
  5. You haven't heard? Then you should go talk to the elder. You can always ask me to hold your hand if the story gets too scary. - Kotts
  6. Got to get home quick or the bird monsters might eat me! La dee DAAAAAH! - Kotts
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