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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Swallow's Roost
Tears of the Kingdom
Rospro Pass
Rito Village

Cecili is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Cecili is Rito, residing in Rito Village where she works as the innkeeper of Swallow's Roost. Cecili works behind the counter all day long where she will rent out beds for Link to sleep on. At Swallow's Roost, Link can rent out a standard bed for 20 rupees, as well as a Rito-down Bed for 80 rupees.[1] The special Rito-down bed will give Link three yellow Temporary Hearts, and also a full Temporary Stamina wheel.[2]

As with all the inns, Link can sleep until morning, noon, or nighttime. Cecili will wake Link at whatever time he chooses to sleep until.[3] If Link shows up at the inn late at night, Cecili will joke that on Stalkoblins are awake at that time of day.[4]

Tears of the Kingdom

Cecili can be found near a fire on Rospro Pass, along the path leading to the Hebra South Summit Cave. She is initially inspecting some of the carnage that is falling from the sky.[5] When Link approaches, Cecili wonders how a Hylian like Link can survive such cold conditions.[6]

Cecili guides Link towards the Hebra South Summit Cave, further up the slope. She mentions that her friends are there, scavenging for some glowing mushrooms and fish that are found in the cave.[7][8] She advises Link to follow the bonfire up ahead and if he gets cold, to warm up within the caves, which are more climate neutral.[9][10]

After the blizzard disappears Cecili can be found at the Swallow's Roost. She is amazed that Kotts took care of the inn while she was away, and still uses her help to make the beds. Kotts previously would do anything to get out of chores, but took the responsibility to run the inn all by herself.[11] Cecili has since taken back the job of running the inn, where they have regular beds as well as a Rito-down bed.[12][13]



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  2. The Rito-down bed is made using only genuine Rito feathers. I will warn you-sleep a night on this bed, and you will never want to sleep on a stable bed ever again! Should you not wake up full of energy in the morning, I'll eat my own tailfeathers! GUARANTEED! - Cecili
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