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The Rito-down is an object found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Rito-down is a bed found at Swallow's Roost in Rito Village. This bed is made using only genuine Rito feathers, making it very comfy to sleep on. It is more expensive than a normal bed, costing a total of 80 rupees to sleep on it. Sleeping in the Rito-down bed will fully restore and overfill Link's Heart Containers by 3, as well as overfilling his Stamina Wheel by a full circle. According to the sign outside of Swallow's Roost, the Rito-down bed is world famous.

The Rito-down has the same effects as the Blissful Water Bed at the Seabed Inn in Zora's Domain, and the Spa Plan at the Hotel Oasis in Gerudo Town.