Hotel Oasis

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Hotel Oasis


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Hotel Oasis is an Inn found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Hotel Oasis is an inn run by Romah in Gerudo Town. The inn specializes in the Spa Plan, a feature exclusive to this inn. Romah will use her special touch, which will fill up Link's health and give him three Temporary Hearts, as well a full yellow Stamina Wheel bonus. A Hylian named Tauma can be found waiting in the back room for the Spa Plan, although she complains that the line is too long.

Medicinal Molduga

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In the evening from 10pm until 6am, a Gerudo named Malena will sleep at the hotel for the night. She has returned to Gerudo Town as her new husband is sick and she needs help. The only medicine to cure her husband is found in the innards of a Molduga. She has asked the guards of Gerudo Town to help out, but to no avail. When Link speaks to Malena, this will begin the Medicinal Molduga quest.