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Olu (Employee)

Romah is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Romah is a Gerudo women who works as the owner of the Hotel Oasis.[1] She describes the hotel as a standard inn, but that they have a special Spa Plan. She encourages Link to get the spa plan, but tells him that it is so popular that there is always a line.[2][3] As with all other inns, the standard rate is 20 rupees for a normal bed, with the Spa Plan being 80 rupees.[4][5]

The spa plan works similar to a regular bed, in that Link can choose when he wants to be woken up.[6] When giving Link the Spa plan, Link seems to get a bit tense and Romah tries to calm him down. She tells him to relax, stating that they are all women here, not knowing that Link is actually a man.[7] After she is done and Link has woken up, Romah tells Link that he looks like the very image of relaxation. She encourages Link to be careful on his journey, as the desert can be dangerous![8]


  1. Vasaaq! Come on in and rest for a while! - Romah
  2. Vasaaq! Oh, look at this cute little vai... I bet you would absolutely love what we have to offer, little one! We're an inn, of course, but we also have a special spa plan! A vacation for mind and body! It's really, really popular. So popular, in fact, that we always have a long line of people waiting to get in! Although... I don't know what it is, but I just feel something special from you. You can cut to the front of the line! Oh! I'm just going on and on. What can I do for you? - Romah
  3. You've...never heard of the spa plan at Hotel Oasis? I was sure it was known the world over... The spa plan we offer will fill you with energy and a truly unique feeling of resilience to great dangers. And as an extra bonus, it'll feel like years of worry have been washed away, leaving your skin bright and smooth. - Romah
  4. The nightly rate is 20 rupees, but we also offer a special spa plan that would bring the total to 80 rupees! - Romah
  5. Intriguing, right? What do you think? The standard stay is 20 rupees, and the spa plan is 80 rupees! - Romah
  6. The spa plan it is! Heehee, I'm so excited to get to work... Anyway, when would you like to be woken? - Romah
  7. Hey... You seem a little tense. Relax, we're all vai here. - Romah
  8. Sav'aaq! You look like the very image of relaxation! Please be careful on your journey... The desert is dangerous! - Romah