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Tauma is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Tauma is a Hylian women who can be found at the Hotel Oasis in Gerudo Town. She can be found at the back of the hotel, waiting for Romah to give her the Spa Plan. She spends her entire time, day and night, waiting for the spa plan. She has heard that the technique that Romah uses makes you feel more relaxed than you ever felt in your life. However, she is very frustrated with the long wait.[1] Simply waiting around forever has had the opposite reaction to Tauma, as instead of feeling more relaxed she is getting annoyed and angry, thinking more wrinkles are going to grow on her body.[2] She has been reading the same book over and over to the point that she thinks she can recite the dialogue from memory.[3]

If Link tells Tauma that the spa was great, even if he didn't have it yet, Tauma will know that Link is lying. She cannot stand when people lie and it will make her even more angry.[4] If Link has actually had the spa plan, she will suspect that he did.[5] She gets angry because she's been waiting forever and Romah is not taking people in the order that they arrived. Tauma will comment that Lin's skin looks super shiny and that he doesn't seem to have a worry in the world.[6]


  1. Oh, are you here because you heard the rumors about Romah, too? I heard that she has a special technique that will make you feel more relaxed than you have ever felt in your life. But nobody said the wait was going to be this long! I feel like I'll never know what relaxation is every again! Grrrrr, I'm so annoyed... Well? are you just gonna stand there, or are you getting inline? - Tauma
  2. Argh... I let myself get annoyed again... I'm gonna get even more wrinkles... - Tauma
  3. Seriously...how long am I gonna have to wait? I've read this book so many times, I bet I could recite the dialogue from memory at this point! Coming here was going to help me reclaim my youth, but I feel like I've lost ever more of it while waiting... - Tauma
  4. ...You're lying... The desert's dry heat and all the sun you've gotten has completely dried out your skin! Rumors say that part of Romah's special skills will leave people feeling moisturized perfection! I can't stand when people lie! Grrr... ...Hrmph. OK, I'm fine now. If I get angry, I'll create wrinkles between my eyebrows. Don't make me angry! - Tauma
  5. I'd heard about her special technique... One that makes you feel more relaxed than you've ever felt in your life! But they didn't mention anything about this wait!! So...so mad... Wait a minute-did you already get to experience the special technique? - Tauma
  6. Huh? Wait, did you already... But why? How?! I've been here forever-she's not taking people in the order that they arrived! Wait! I can't get angry... I won't get angry... ... OK, I'm fine now. You know, your skin looks super shiny, and you look like you haven't got a worry in the world... Yeah, yeah. I should just patiently wait my turn. It'll be worth it. - Tauma