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Malena is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Malena is a Gerudo who can be found in Gerudo Town. She recently got married to a man and moved away, but had to come to town as he husband is very sick. He has a rare disease of which the only cure is the innards of a Molduga.[1] In the morning hours, she heads to the Barracks where she talks with Babi. However, with all the problems going on in Gerudo Town, Babi is not able to help out and warns her that she shouldn't be at the barracks.[2]

In the afternoon, Malena will make her way to the main part of town, where she speaks with Reeza, one of the Gerudo Guards. Unfortunately with times so though, Reeza is not able to help Malena out.[3] At 10pm each evening, Malena will head over to the Hotel Oasis to spend the night. Even at nighttime, she dreams of saving her husband.[4]

Medicinal Molduga

Main article: Medicinal Molduga

After Link speaks with Malena, this will begin the Medicinal Molduga quest. Malena describes the Molduga a savage monster that is so dangerous, other monsters won't approach it. She has spotted one just to the west, at the Toruma Dunes, as well as another one just south. She knows that Molduga are very sensitive to vibrations and will attack anything that moves near.[5] Nobody who goes to face off with a Molduga comes back unscathed. She knows that its very dangerous, but she loves her husband, she can't give up.[6][7]

Malena also tells Link that it is very hot in the region where the Molduga can be found, telling Link that if he ventures in that direction, he should wear the proper gear.[8]

After Link travels to the Gerudo Desert to defeat a Molduga, he can return to Malena in Gerudo Town. After talking to Malena, she will thank him for bringing her some Molduga Guts.[9][10] She will reward Link by giving him a Gold Rupee, indicating that the guts will be able to save her husband.[11] She gives her deepest gratitude that her husband will be cured at last. She then prepares for her journey to head back to her husband.[12]

Afterward, Malena will return to the Hotel Oasis temporarily. She will ask Link what he name is. If Link says he's just a traveler, she will reply thinking that Link is just being very modest. She hopes to one have a baby and hopes she grows up to be like Link.[13] If Link replies that his name is Link, Malena will comment how that sounds like a man's name. Nevertheless, she says that if she has a baby girl, she may name her after Link.[14][15] Malena will soon leave the Hotel Oasis, at which point she will no longer appear anywhere in the world.


  • It's shown that Malena doesn't actually live at Gerudo Town, and since she is nowhere to be found after the completion of the quest, it's implied that she and her husband may not reside in Hyrule to begin with.


  1. Sav'aaq... I... I finally found the voe of my dreams, and I just recently married him... I thought I had finally found happiness... But husband fell ill with a rare disease... One difficult to cure. The only thing that can save him is the innards of a Molduga... But I would never be able to take down such a creature myself... I asked the soldiers for help, but... They said they have serious issues to deal with! They said they had no time for my plight! They turned me away! But then, why wouldn't they? The Molduga is a menacing beast... None who face one escape unscathed... So perhaps it's foolish to expect anyone to stick their neck out for a stranger... I thought I'd finally gotten out of this town... Never thought I'd have to come crawling back... - Malena
  2. Despite my warnings, you and this vai here keep wandering into the barracks! Know that the only reason you're not already sliced into pieces is because we are otherwise occupied! - Babi
  3. This vai, Malena... It seems like she really is in desperate need, but we aren't able to help right now... With times so tough, there's not a lot we can do, but the chief is the kind of leader who puts her people first. - Reeza
  4. I'll cure you... I'm sure I will... - Malena
  5. The Molduga is a monster... A terror so savage that even other monsters won't approach it... It's often been spotted west of here, in the Toruma Dunes, and in the south. It's very sensitive to vibrations, and it tends to attack anything that draws near. You can't approach it or even move near it... And you can't use someone as bait... So what am I to do... - Malena
  6. Of course, the Molduga is a menacing beast... None who face one come away completely unscathed... So I guess it's foolish to expect anyone to stick their neck out for a stranger... But...the only thing that will cure my husband is the guts of a Molduga. I finally met the voe of my dreams... I can't give up. - Malena
  7. My husband was the first voe to tell me I was beautiful... I love him so! And so I must find someone who can bring me those Molduga guts, no matter what... - Malena
  8. The Molduga lives in a region of extreme heat... Even the Gerudo, who thrive in the heat, might well expire there if they were clad in their regular gear... If you dare go to that region, please be careful. - Malena
  9. Sav'aaq... Oh, it's you... My husband was the first voe to ever tell me I was beautiful... I love him so! And so I need those Molduga guts, no matter what... But... What can I do on my own? - Malena
  10. Wait, these... Molduga guts! You... You'll give these to me? Oh, sarqso! This is all I have to thank you with, but I insist you take it. - Malena
  11. This will save him... *sniff* - Malena
  12. Deepest sarqso. My true love will be cured at last! I should make ready for the journey back to him immediately. Kind Hylian vai... I never asked your name, did I? - Malena
  13. Such modesty... That's something that most people I know always seem to lack. If I ever have a vehvi, I hope I can raise her to be a vai like you. - Malena
  14. Link, huh? That sounds kinda like a sturdy voe name to me... I hope you don't mind, but I may... my vehvi after you. If I ever have one, that is! - Malena
  15. Sarqso, truly...Link. I'll never forget about you. - Malena