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Ploka (Fellow Guard)

Reeza is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Reeza is one of the Gerudo guards in town who along with Ploka, guard the front entrance to the chief Riju's room. Reeza will allow Link to pass, as are the desires of Riju herself. Even thought times are tough in Gerudo Town, Riju is the kind of leader who puts her people first and allows people to visit her, regardless of the subject matter.[1][2] Although if Link asks Reeza what is currently causing the tough times in Gerudo Town, Reeza will not tell her, saying that these are Gerudo problems.[3] She does tell Link to not be rude when he's in the presence of Riju.[4]

Shortly after 2pm, Reeza will get a visit from Malena, who is pleading to the guards to help out her husband. Her husband is gravely sick and in order to heal him, he needs to acquire materials that are from the innards of a Molduga. Unfortunately, with all the troubles happening in Gerudo Town, the guards have no time to spend helping out Malena, despite her desperate pleas.[5] If Link speaks with Malena, this will begin the Medicinal Molduga quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

When Link first arrives at Gerudo Town, Reeza can be see guarding the entrance to the Gerudo Shelter, where she initially doesn't let Link enter.


  1. Sav'aaq. We've got a lot of visitors today... The chief may be young, but she's the king of leader who puts her people first. She told me to allow visitors through, even with the tough times lately... Hey, listen! Even though I'm letting you inside, that doesn't mean you can go getting in the chief's way! Watch out! - Reeza
  2. Even in these tough times, the chief won't let any of her official duties slide, including things that feel unimportant. She's instructed me to go ahead and let people who wish to speak with her come in, regardless of subject matter... So you may enter, but with a word of warning. Do not get in the chief's way! - Reeza
  3. This is a Gerudo problem! It is none of your concern! - Reeza
  4. Take care not to be rude. - Reeza
  5. This vai, Malena... It seems like she really is in desperate need, but we aren't able to help right now... With times so tough, there's not a lot we can do, but the chief is the kind of leader who puts her people first. - Reeza