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Reeza (Fellow Guard)

Ploka is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Ploka is one of the Gerudo guards in town who along with Reeza, guard the front entrance to the chief Riju's room. Day and night, Ploka can be seen standing next to Traysi. Traysi is the author of the Rumor Mill publication, which can be found throughout Hyrule. Ploka comments that a lot of Hylians have been coming by lately.[1][2] Although Link can claim to be a Gerudo, Ploka will immediately reject that premise. She thinks there is no way Link can be a Gerudo, as he is short, has different colored hair, and that she cannot even see Link's abs.[3]

Ploka will allow anybody to speak with Riju who wants too, as these are the wishes of Riju. Ploka however is very defensive of Riju and states that if anybody is disrespectful to her, they will have a personal conversation with the Gerudo Spear that Ploka wields.[4] If it were up to Ploka alone, she would not allow anybody to see Riju, as there is currently crises going on in Gerudo Town.[5]


  1. Sav'aaq. There sure are a lot of Hylians coming by today. This is the home of the chief of the Gerudo. It is my duty to make sure that no one suspicious enters. Do not distract me from my job! - Ploka
  2. First that vai, Traysi, and now you... There sure are a lot of Hylians coming around today. - Ploka
  3. You're short! Your hair is the wrong color!! And I can't even see your abs!!! It is absolutely ridiculous for you to claim that you're Gerudo. All evidence says otherwise. - Ploka
  4. You are free to go inside, but if you are rude to the chief... You and my spear will have a very personal conversation! - Ploka
  5. We're busy! It's an emergency!! Authorized personnel only!!! ...That's what I would say if I had my way, but the chief is a kind person. She's told me to allow visitors. If you want to go inside, be my guest. But if you say even one rude thing to the chief... You and my spear will have a very personal conversation! - Ploka