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The Barracks is a location in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

The Barracks is a location found at the west end of Gerudo Town, right beside the throne room of Riju. The Barracks are where the Gerudo guards do their training. The area is run by Captain Teake, who takes her orders from Riju and Buliara.

Babi appears to be one of the higher ranked Gerudo Guards as she can be seen giving training orders to both Marta and Smaude. Additionally, Liana also appears to be a higher-ranked officer who can be seen regularly yelling at both Kotta and Leena, although she is clearly beneath Teake and fears her.

The Search for Barta

Main article: The Search for Barta

After completing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Link can examine the Thunder Helm in Riju's room. This will begin The Thunder Helm side quest. After doing, Link can speak with Liana in the Barracks to begin The Search for Barta quest. The quest requires Link to find Barta, over at the Gerudo Great Skeleton, just outside of the Hawa Koth Shrine. After talking to her and giving her a Hearty Durian, Link can return to Liana to get a Silver Rupee.

Medicinal Molduga

Main article: Medicinal Molduga

Link will find Malena, a Gerudo woman who walks around Gerudo Town, asking some of the Gerudo Guards for help. From 6am until 2pm, she will head to the Barracks where she is talking to Babi. She asks her for help in fighting a Molduga, as Malena needs the innards of the beast in order to make some medicine for her sick husband. Link can find Malena at the Barracks, or in other locations through Gerudo Town. After defeating a Molduga, Link can return to Malena and give her some Molduga Guts to complete the quest, earning himself a Gold Rupee.