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Babi is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Babi is a Gerudo guard who can be found training some of the other guards over at the Barracks in Gerudo Town. Much like many of the guards in town, she carries a Gerudo Spear with her. If Link tries to speak with Babi, she will him that the guards are on high alert. They are in serious training mode and outsiders need to stay away.[1]

During the mornings hours from 6am until 2pm, Malena will head over to the Barracks to speak with Babi. Malena wants the guards help in defeating a Molduga so she can get the innards of the monster. She needs these materials in order to create a medicine to cure her ill husband. If Link speaks with Malena, this will begin the Medicinal Molduga quest. Despite her calls for help, Babi turns her away, as the guards are too occupied with our problems going around town at the moment.[2]


  1. Can't you tell that we're on high alert right now?! And no, you can't help! Outsiders must stay out of it! - Babi
  2. Despite my warnings, you and this vai here keep wandering into the barracks! Know that the only reason you're not already sliced into pieces is because we are otherwise occupied! - Babi