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Leena is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Leena is a Gerudo guard, where she can be found at the Barracks in Gerudo Town. She stands with Kotta, of which they both appear to have a lower ranking than Liana, who is constantly yelling at them. Leena is preparing to leave the Barracks to search for the lost Thunder Helm, although she is trying to remember what to bring, knowing that she needs some Hydromelons and some sunscreen.[1]

When Liana notices that Barta hasn't been around lately, Liana will ask Leena where she has gone off to.[2] Leena mentions that Barta went off to scout the thieves' hideout, but it has been a couple days already and she hasn't come back.[3][4] This causes Liana to be enraged with Leena, that she allowed Barta to go off on her own, and then waited two day full days before telling Liana that she is missing.[5] Leena apologizes, as she thought it would be okay, as Barta said she should be careful. Liana agrees to keep it quiet, as she is afraid that if Captain Teake hears about this fiasco, she would make them run laps around the Gerudo Desert.


  1. Let's see...am I forgetting anything? I've got to remember the hydromelons... That still leaves sunscreen... And... - Leena
  2. Hey, I haven't seen Barta. Where's she gone off to? - Liana
  3. She said she was going to scout the thieves' hideout, but then she left before we could say anything. Now that I think about it, she's been gone for two days. I wonder what happened to her... - Leena
  4. Barta hasn't returned in many days... Could she have been captured by those thieves? No, the sandstorms out near the Karusa Valley have been bad. I'm certain she's gotten lost or stranded. I'm worried for her... - Leena
  5. You-Are you serious?! Why did you let her go by herself?! And why did you wait two days to report this?! - Liana