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Amali (Mother)
Kass (Father)
Cree (Sister)
Notts (Sister)
Kheel (Sister)
Kotts (Sister)

Genli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Genli is a Rito child, residing in Rito Village with her mother Amali and her four sisters. She is distinctive from her sisters as she has green feathers.

Each morning at 8am, Genli will get out of bed and make her way right next door, where she will sit down by the Cooking Pot where her mother is during the overnight hours.

Unlike her sisters, Genli doesn't seem to be as bothered by Divine Beast Vah Medoh up in the sky. In fact, she actually thinks it provides her some benefits. She absolutely hates to sing and doesn't want to go to singing practice. Ever since Vah Medoh appeared, her sister Kheel hasn't made her go to practice and this has made her quite happy.[1][2] Genli gets a little upset when she finds out that Link is here to try and stop Vah Medoh from disturbing the village.[3]

If Link tells Genli he's just passing through, Genli will comment that Link doesn't look nearly as strong as Teba. Genli says that if Link tries to fight Vah Medoh, he will probably lose. Genli suggests that maybe everyone in the village should just play dead and that maybe Vah Medoh will leave them alone. Although he then quickly remembers that if Vah Medoh leaves, Genli will have to go to singing practice.[4]

At 9pm each evening, Genli will head back home to go to bed for the evening.

Tears of the Kingdom

Genli can be found near the entrance to Rito Village with Molli and Notts. They are practicing a rendition of the Song of the Stormwind Ark, which they sing for Link.[5] Genli explains that the song is about the Stormwind Ark that saved the villaged a long time ago when something bad happened, similar to the situation that is happening now.[6] Molli and Genli have a discussion about whether the ark is a piece of fiction, or if it is a real thing. Genli comments that her father said the ark is always watching over us, high in the sky.[7][8] With no adults around, it is up to the kids to take care of the village. Notts is the leader of the group and assigns Genli with the task of being in charge of food.[9][10][11]

After the Blizzard has subsided, Genli wakes up at 7am each day before heading to the kitchen to try out a new recipe.[12] Genli is delighted that the sky has cleared up and thinks that it will definitely make mama and everyone else in the village happy.[13] Genli continues to practice her cooking and will remind Link of what she's learned so far.[14]

Genli's Home Cooking

Main article: Genli's Home Cooking

Link can find Genli further up the Village, trying to make meals for everyone. She would like to make a fish pie that contains Staminoka Bass, but doesn't have any around. This begins the Genli's Home Cooking side quest.[15] In order to make the meal she wants, she needs some Staminoka Bass. With this ingredient, she feels he can make a meal that makes everyone happy.[16][17]

After Link brings the Staminoka Bass to Genli, she'll be very grateful and will give Link some Biting Simmered Fruit.[18] The meal has a Cold Weather Attack boast, which Genli states will increase Link's attack when he's in cold places, like the Hebra Mountains.[19] Genli is thankful for the fish Link brought and is happy to be cooking with the blizzard going on, as it makes everybody feel better.[20][21] Genli eventually travels higher up in Rito Village to a room with a Cooking Pot.



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