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Amali (Mother)
Kass (Father)
Cree (Sister)
Notts (Sister)
Kheel (Sister)
Kotts (Sister)

Genli is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Genli is a Rito child, residing in Rito Village with her mother Amali and her four sisters. She is distinctive from her sisters as she has green feathers.

Each morning at 8am, Genli will get out of bed and make her way right next door, where she will sit down by the Cooking Pot where her mother is during the overnight hours.

Unlike her sisters, Genli doesn't seem to be as bothered by Divine Beast Vah Medoh up in the sky. In fact, she actually thinks it provides her some benefits. She absolutely hates to sing and doesn't want to go to singing practice. Ever since Vah Medoh appeared, her sister Kheel hasn't made her go to practice and this has made her quite happy.[1][2] Genli gets a little upset when she finds out that Link is here to try and stop Vah Medoh from disturbing the village.[3]

If Link tells Genli he's just passing through, Genli will comment that Link doesn't look nearly as strong as Teba. Genli says that if Link tries to fight Vah Medoh, he will probably lose. Genli suggests that maybe everyone in the village should just play dead and that maybe Vah Medoh will leave them alone. Although he then quickly remembers that if Vah Medoh leaves, Genli will have to go to singing practice.[4]

At 9pm each evening, Genli will head back home to go to bed for the evening.



  1. Nooo! If everything goes back to normal, Kheel will make me go to singing practice. I mean...I feel bad that Molli's dad, Mr. Harth, got hurt, but... But I definitely know I don't want to practice singing! - Genli
  2. That bird monster isn't ALL bad. At least I don't have to go to singing practice. Don't tell Mom I said that! - Genli
  3. Who are you? Some kind of traveler? Did you come to make that big bird up in the sky stop bothering us? - Genli
  4. don't look as strong as Teba. If you try to fight that bird monster, you'll probably lose! Oh! maybe if everyone in the village plays dead, the monster will leave. But then I'll have to go to singing practice. Ugh... - Genli