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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Hebra Trailhead Lodge


Kass (Husband)
Cree (Daughter)
Genli (Daughter)
Kheel (Daughter)
Kotts (Daughter)
Notts (Daughter)

Amali is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Amali is a Rito, residing in Rito Village. She is married to Kass who is off in Hyrule, which has caused Amali to take care of her five daughters all by herself. When scaling Rito Village, the first hut after the shops are where Amali's daughters live, which include Cree, Genli, Kheel, Kotts, and Notts. Amali lives in the hut right next door where there is a Cooking Pot.

Each morning at 8am, all the kids will wake up and Amali will walk up towards the Akh Va'quot Shrine. She apologizes to Link, as her daughter Kheel is running around, wreaking havoc.[1] When standing on the deck near the shrine, Kheel is looking out towards Warbler's Nest to the west. This worries Amali quite a bit, as Kheel wants to travel there.[2][3] However, ever since Divine Beast Vah Medoh appeared it is too dangerous for any of the kids to leave the village.[4] Amali is always concerned with Kheel and raises her voice with her. When Link is nearby, she apologizes, explaining that her loud voice was intended for Kheel and not Link.[5]

At 9pm each evening, Amali and all of her children will return to the hut to go to bed. Amali never actually sleeps, and instead just stands by the Cooking Pot in her house all night. She enjoys cooking, and it helps her take her mind off of Vah Medoh up above.[6] When she thinks about the future of the village and her family, dark thoughts come to mind, although they seem to lighten as soon as she satisfies her hunger.[7][8]

Tears of the Kingdom

Amali can be first be found along with Harth at the Hebra Trailhead Lodge. She's putting together some meals for the Rito that are off in the Hebra region, scavanging for food.[9] She offers Link to take some of the Spicy Peppers that are at the lodge, despite their rarity in the region.[10]



  1. Oh, my daughter is running around wrecking havoc. I hope she is not bothering you too much, Mr. Traveler... - Amali
  2. Kheel, why much you always insist on worrying your poor mother? - Amali
  3. My youngest daughter, Kheel, wants to go to Warbler's Nest. She won't stop talking about it. I have five daughters, and ever since that beast appeared, they have been getting needier by the minute. At times like this, I wish he was around... I would I could be a kid again and think only of myself. But that is the thing about being a parent-you have to be bigger than your children. - Amali
  4. You can't leave the village while Divine Beast Vah Medoh is up there. It is too dangerous! - Amali
  5. My apologies if that sounded like it was intended for you! - Amali
  6. Salmon... Butter... Wheat... Cooking it helps take my mind off of the Divine Beast. I think instead of my lovely family. I hope you have someone out there who cooks for you, traveler. - Amali
  7. Traveler...who do you usually cook for? - Amali
  8. I hope that wasn't too personal a question. When I cook dinner for my daughters, I sometimes wonder what the future holds for this village...for my family. My thoughts tend to grow a bit dark then, but they lighten as soon as I satisfy my hunger. So go ahead and use the pot. A full stomach will do you well. - Amali
  9. "I'm drawing up a special menu for those out scavenging for food or investigating. Ingredients are hard to come by in this blizzard, but we'll be fine if we get a little creative with our cooking. With the right ingredients, a little food can go a long way. For example, a pinch of spicy pepper warms you up so you don't notice the cold so much. We do not have many of them here, but you are welcome to what's available. In tough situations like this, everyone needs to look out for each other and help where we can." — Amali, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "When you cannot take any more of this cold, I recommend snacking on food made with a pinch of spicy pepper." — Amali, Tears of the Kingdom