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Molli (Daughter)

Harth is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Harth is a Rito who can be found at one of the higher elevations of Rito Village. He is an injured Rito who initially is a bit shy about providing any real insight as to how he got hurt.[1][2] He is a bow craftsman, but because of his hurt right arm, he is unable to work and business is not exactly booming.[3] He hints that perhaps he should have put more stock in what the village elder Kaneli had to say.[4]

There is a Swallow Bow on the shelf in Harth's room. If Link tries to take the bow, Harth will initially call out towards him, but then says he can just have the bow as Harth cannot use it in his current condition.[5]

After speaking with the village elder Kaneli, Harth will open up a bit more on his injuries and what happened.[6] Harth and Teba went up to approach Medoh, but Harth was shot down. He was falling from the sky, but fortunately Teba was there to catch him and save him from his fall.[7]

Harth is good friends with Teba and their families have grown to be quite close to one another. His daughter Molli is around the same age as Tulin, who is Teba's son, so the families spend a lot of time together. Harth had a boyhood dream of becoming a warrior, but eventually settled into the family business of crafting bows.[8] However, Teba's desire to battle with Medoh once again makes Harth question his sanity. Teba has a wife and child and Hart thinks he is a moron for risking that with another battle with Medoh.[9] Although Harth immediately contradicts himself, as he states that once his injuries are healed, Harth wants another go at Medoh as well, this time flying up and launching some Bomb Arrows at its cannons.[10]


  1. Arrgh... Welcome. Owwww... - Harth
  2. No offence, but this is not your concern. That cursed monster... - Harth
  3. I am Harth, the bow craftsman. But... I cannot raise my right arm right now, so business is not exactly booming. - Harth
  4. Not really... If this is what we are up again, we should have put more stock in the elder's words. - Harth
  5. Hey... Heh... Take it. Not like I can use it in my condition. - Harth
  6. Hey, buddy... I'm guessing you caught wind of that monster circling around our village. I suppose I should get you up to speed on what went down. - Harth
  7. Here goes... You see this wound here on my wing? I got shot by that thing in the sky, Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Legend has it, that monster was once the protector of this village. But those days are long gone-as soon as Teba and I approached the thing, it just shot at us out of nowhere. We tried to fight back, but I was too slow and got it. Thankfully, Teba caught me while I was falling from the sky. We had no choice but to retreat. When I think about what would have happened had Teba not been there... Still gives me the bumps. So you planning to go find Teba? I will tell you everything I know. - Harth
  8. I am Harth. Bow craft is my trade. My boyhood dream was to be a warrior, but I gave that up once it came time to inherit the family business. My daughter, Molli, is around the same age as Teba's kid, Tulin, so our families spend a lot of time together. Hold on... Is any of this helpful at all? - Harth
  9. Teba. Him and I go way back. As far as flying goes, he is undoubtedly the best in the village. His only downside is that he's reckless... and has a bit of a temper...and he can be rude. But we look out for each other. But the way he was talking...saying that he was going to "blow Medoh out of the sky." He ants to go back up there...alone. Which is absolutely insane. What kind of moron with a wife and a kid does that? - Harth
  10. Divine Beast Vah Medoh... I don't believe it myself, but some say it used to protect our village before disappearing 100 years ago. Teba and I got to wondering about it, and when we went to investigate, it just opened fire on us...hence the injury. But as soon as I recover, I plan to fly up there with a whole mess of bomb arrows and blow its cannons to bits! - Harth