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Gesane is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Gesane is a Rito who can be found patrolling the bridge that that extends over Lake Totori which leads to Rito Village.[1] He carries a Feathered Spear and serves as a guide for the village. When Link first arrives, Gesane mentions that most of the Rito are a bit pre-occupied, due to the trouble that Medoh is causing, but that the shopkeepers of Rito Village would really appreciate your business.[2]

Gesane is surprised that Link doesn't know much about the Rito, of which Gesane tells him that the male Rito are fine archers and the women are great singers.[3] He describes Lake Totori, which surrounds Rito Village, as a place that can be quite dangerous for Hylians like Link. It has rather steep cliffs with no way of getting back up. He jokes that the only way for a Hylian to avoid death would be if he could magically travel to safety.[4] This is exactly what Link can do with the use of his Sheikah Slate.

Face the Frost Talus

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  1. I am Gesane of the Rito. - Gesane
  2. Rito Village is just across these bridges. We're all a bit...preoccupied right now, but I'm sure the shops would appreciate your business. - Gesane
  3. Yes... "The Rito of Lake Totori. Where the men are fine archers and the women better singers." You being a Hylian, I'm surprised you haven't heard that before. You should visit the village if you get a chance. - Gesane
  4. This is Lake Totori. As you can see, it's surrounded by steep cliffs with no way up, do don't go falling in. A Hylian like yourself should treasure especially carefully. Falling in would mean certain death. Unless you could magically travel to safety, of course, but that's be real. - Gesane