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Gesane is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Gesane is a Rito who can be found patrolling the bridge that extends over Lake Totori which leads to Rito Village.[1] He carries a Feathered Spear and serves as a guide for the village. When Link first arrives, Gesane mentions that most of the Rito are a bit pre-occupied, due to the trouble that Medoh is causing, but that the shopkeepers of Rito Village would really appreciate your business.[2]

Gesane is surprised that Link doesn't know much about the Rito, of which Gesane tells him that the male Rito are fine archers and the women are great singers.[3] He describes Lake Totori, which surrounds Rito Village, as a place that can be quite dangerous for Hylians like Link. It has rather steep cliffs with no way of getting back up. He jokes that the only way for a Hylian to avoid death would be if he could magically travel to safety.[4] This is exactly what Link can do with the use of his Sheikah Slate.

Face the Frost Talus

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Tears of the Kingdom

As part of the Tulin of Rito Village quest, Link will seek out Laissa, Gesane, and Tulin, who are in search for supplies for Rito Village. After finding Laissa at the entrance of the Hebra South Summit Cave, he informs Link that Gesane and Tulin have run up ahead. When Link finds Gesane, he is angry and upset that Tulin ran off after some monsters instead of helping to bring down the food.[5]

When Link first arrives, Gesane is surprised that a Hylian has made it up here in such a fierce Blizzard.[6] Gesane explains that his task was to scavenge food in the area, along with Laissa and Tulin. However, Tulin saw a flock of monsters and went chasing after them, hoping they lead him to their nest.[7] Gesane instructs Link that he can leave the cave and head north, to the lone cedar tree on Talonto Peak. That is most likely where Tulin can be found.[8][9]

Gesane acknowledges that Tulin is very talented and that everybody admires his ability to generate his own wind gusts. Tulin's problem is that his talent sometimes gets to him, making him think he's unbeatable. He has a tendancy to react rashly.[10][11]

Gesane later joins with Harth to meet up with Link and Tulin, after they defeat a group of Bokoblin. After Tulin tells the story of how he lost his bow, Gesane seems a bit skeptical, thinking there is more to the story.[12] After questioning him, Tulin then tells the story of how he saw Princess Zelda, and it caused him to drop his guard, which is how his bow was stolen. Gesane encourages Tulin to journey with Link up towards the cloud, in search of Princess Zelda. Although Gesane warns Link to be prepared for anything, as they have no way of knowing what is actually above the clouds.[13][14]

After the blizzard has passed, Gesane can be found at the broken bridge to Rito Village, near the Lucky Clover Gazette. He is talking to Juannelle, asking if she knows anyone that can help. She recommends asking someone from Lookout Landing, but Gesane cannot send anyone there at the moment due to all the Rito working to rebuild Rito Village. This begins The Rito Rope Bridge side quest.



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