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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Hebra South Summit Cave
Rito Village


Bedoli (Sister)

Laissa is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Laissa is Rito, residing in Rito Village. She lives with Bedoli at their home, located right near the Akh Va'quot Shrine. She spends her entire day pacing back and forth in her home, just thinking. When Link approaches her, she wonders what Link is doing here, referring to adventueres like him as crazy.[1] Laissa is very stressed out with Divine Beast Vah Medoh up above. If she was a properly trained soldier, she would fly straight at the beast and try to take it down.[2] Instead though, she lives in fear, thinking that Vah Medoh can simply bomb the village at anytime.[3]

Laissa will head off to bed at 9pm, where she sleeps in her bed at the top of her home.[4] If Link is nearby when it becomes 9pm, she won't actually jump in the bed, but if Link walks away and comes back, Laissa will already be sleeping. Laissa will wake up each morning at 5am.

Tears of the Kingdom

Laissa can be found with Gesane, as they are exploring the Hebra South Summit Cave in search for supplies for Rito Village. As part of the Tulin of Rito Village quest, Link will seak out Laissa, Gesane, and Tulin. After finding Laissa at the entrance of the Hebra South Summit Cave, he informs Link that Gesane and Tulin have run up ahead.

After the blizzard has ended, Laissa can be found in Rito Village. She remarks that she once save a cave which had a rock wreathed in green light inside it while she was looking for a white bird. This will begin the The White Bird's Guidance Shrine Quest.



  1. Hello. What are you doing here? You adventurers are crazy. - Laissa
  2. What do you mean, "what"? You see Divine Beast Vah Medoh flying around up there? The village is in disarray thanks to that thing. If I were a properly trained soldier, I'd go straight at the beast and bring it down... - Laissa
  3. Hmph... Thanks to Divine Beast Vah Medoh, our village is under siege! It could bomb us all at any given moment! - Laissa
  4. I'm about to turn in for the night. Come back tomorrow. - Laissa