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Juannelle is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Juannelle is a writer and a traveler and is stationed at the Snowfield Stable. She absolutely hates the cold, but wants to find a Stalhorse. The cold weather has caused her to give up and she stays at the stable.[1]

Before Link has completed the Stalhorse: Pictured! quest, Juannelle will stay up night and day, standing near the back of the stable. However, once Link completes the quest, she will return to a more traditional schedule. She wakes up each morning at 8am, where she will then head outside if it is nice weather, or stand at the back of the stable if it is snowing. At midnight, he will go to bed. Link is able to wake her up while she is sleeping, which slightly annoys her, but she's still willing to give Link information.[2]

Juannelle will make a one-off comment about how Beedle is very timid, but then Link can talk to her about other topics.[3]Link can talk to Juannelle about the pitch-black ruins, or the far edge of the Hebra Mountains.[4] Juannelle will talk about the Thyphlo Ruins, which is located east of Mount Drena, heading towards the Eldin Mountains. She describes some mysterious power and can only wonder what is hidden within the ruins.[5]

Juannelle will tell a story about an adventurer who tried to travel to the northernmost edge of Hyrule. The adventurer traveled to the north edge of the Hebra Mountains and then traveled west, but eventually had to turn back, due to the steep cliffs and raging winds.[6] If Link does want to travel to this area, it's far easier to travel to the western edge of the mountain range and then from there, heading north.

Stalhorse: Pictured!

Main article: Stalhorse: Pictured!

Speak with Juannelle at the stable will begin the Stalhorse: Pictured! Side Quest. After showing some interest in the Stalhorse, Juannelle will task Link with finding the Stalhorse and taking a picture of it.[7]

Juannelle hints that a Stalhorse can be found at the N. Tabantha Snowfield, as well as all the way to the east, near the ruins of the North Lomei Labyrinth.[8][9] Juannelle hints that much like a Stalkoblin, a Stalhorse will only come out at nighttime.[10]

After finding and taking a picture of a Stalhorse, Link can return to Juannelle and show her a picture. She thanks Link and will reward him with a Silver Rupee.



  1. I've traveled to the east and the west in my great hunt for information, and now I find myself here in the freezing north... I heard there was a Stalhorse in this area, but I can't take it any longer! It's too cold to look anymore! - Juannelle
  2. I hope you realize how rude it is to wake me up when I'm trying to sleep... I'll forgive you, though. You clearly are desperate for the kind of info only I can provide!. - Juannelle
  3. Beedle is so very timid... - Juannelle
  4. Soooo, what do you wanna know? I have info on the pitch-black ruins and on what's at the far edge of the Hebra Mountains. - Juannelle
  5. Light is unable to enter these ruins for some reason. It's said that you can't see an inch ahead, even during the day! There must be some mysterious power behind this phenomenon, don't you think? I can only wonder at what's hiding within those ruins... But finding whatever it is would certainly make you famous! Where is it? It should be past Mount Drena if you're heading toward the Eldin Mountains. - Juannelle
  6. There was an adventurer who pledged to journey to the northwesternmost part of Hyrule... To the very edge of the Hebra Mountains. This adventurer went north of the mountain range as far as possible and then west... However, steep cliffs and raging winds stood in the way. The adventurer was forced to turn back. Upon returning, I posed a question to the adventurer. I said, "Why go so far out there?" "Because I wanted to know what was there!" was the adventurer's reply. I must admit, I don't think that'd be enough for me. I can't believe someone would want to go into the cold unknown. - Juannelle
  7. Beep-beep! You just set off Juannelle's intuition sensors! You're interested in the Stalhorse too, huh? I just wanted to see this creepy Stalhorse monster once with my own eyes! If it really does exist, it'd be such a big scoop! But... Well, I can handle all kinds of dangers and hazards, but this cold... Brrr, I can't stand it! Can you handle this task for me? I'll even reward you! All I need is a picture! Or some notes! - Juannelle
  8. Good answer! There's a rumor that it can be found with Stalkoblins in the North Tabantha Snowfield. Some have reported it aaaaall the way on the other side of the snow field to the east, right in front of these bizarre ruins. Good luck! I'm really counting on you! - Juannelle
  9. How goes it? Did you find the Stalhorse?The last I'd heard, it supposedly wanders around the North Tabantha Snowfield near the weird ruins to the east. - Juannelle
  10. What's the deal? You haven't got a picture or anything... I guess it must be really, really tough to track down... Well, don't give up! Keep working on this scoop for me! A Stalhorse is probably a lot like a Stalkoblin... I bet it only comes out at night too! - Juannelle