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Nekk is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nekk is a Rito who lives at Rito Village. He runs the Brazen Beak, which is the Armor Shop located within the village.[1] Link can chat with Nekk to exchange some pleasantries and Nekk will also be willing to buy some items from Link.[2][3][4][5]

Nekk has the entire Snowquill Set for sale at the shop, which includes the Snowquill Headdress, Snowquill Tunic, and Snowquill Trousers.

After Link has purchased all of the armor from the Brazen Beak, Nekk will encourage Link to visit the Kochi Dye Shop over at Hateno Village, where Link can dye his clothing. Nekk tells Link that maybe he should buy another Rito outfit and dye it a different color.[6]

Tears of the Kingdom

Nekk can be found standing guard just outside the Hebra Trailhead Lodge, north of Rito Village. Nekk helps keep the bonfires going as it makes it possible to see in the darkness of the blizzard that has been ravaging Rito Village and the surrounding area.[7][8] While the bonfires give off some light, Nekk comments that it is nothing in comparison to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. He finds it impressive that the Hylians were able to build such a tower.[9][10]

After the blizzard has cleared Nekk will return to Brazen Beak, his shop in Rito Village. He's thankful to the kids who ran the village, including his shop while the Blizzard preoccupied the adults.[11] The Brazen Beak is now open for business where it sells the Snowquill Set, which provides Link with Cold Resistance.[12][13]


  1. Welcome to Brazen Beak! What can I do for you? - Nekk
  2. Come again, friend. - Nekk
  3. What are you looking to sell?. - Nekk
  4. Come on. I'm ready to buy, buy, buy! - Nekk
  5. Thanks for your business! - Nekk
  6. Looks like you already have the whole Rito getup! That's great and all, but what am I supposed to offer you now? Oh! I heard there's a village somewhere that can dye your clothes and armor different colors. So you can always buy another Rito outfit and dye it another color. Color coordination is serious business! - Nekk
  7. "Hey there. Are you here because you spotted the bonfires? The blizzard makes it hard to see where you're going, so we keep these bonfires going as a beacon for lost travelers. They eat up a lot of firewood, but it's worht it—you can spot them even from up in the air! Though as proud as I am of them, they can't beat the spotlights set up around that fancy Skyview Tower." — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. "If you lose your way in the blizzard, you can count on our bonfires to help get you oriented." — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "It won't warm you up like a bonfire will, but it's hard to beat it for size and sheer brightness. The Hylians are pretty incredible to have built something so impressive." — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "Although... Let's be honest—the Skyview Tower is much easier to spot with all the lights set up around it. It hurts to admit, but I don't see how our bonfires can compete with that." — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. "When the blizzard drove off most of the adults, the kids hung in there and kept things going. That includes the shops. I can't express enough how much we owe the little ones. They're the saviors of this village." — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom
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  13. "Our armor is perfect for protecting yourself against the cold. If you're heading into the mountains, the cold gets pretty biting there. Prepare for it now or regret it later!" — Nekk, Tears of the Kingdom