Hebra Tundra

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Hebra Tundra is an area in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Hebra Tundra is a massive area located between the Hebra East Summit and the Biron Snowshelf. It takes up a good portion of the Hebra Mountains, and like the rest of the province, it has bitterly cold temperatures. Link will need to wear armor that has Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, in order to survive the cold climate.

There is a peak at the south end of the Tundra with a pinwheel. Shoot the three balloons to get the Korok Seed. Just south of the peak, there is a camp with a Black Lizalfos and a ton of Black Moblin. When all the enemies are defeated, Link can open the treasure chest to get a Gold Rupee.

At the far west of the Hebra Tundra, where where it meets with the Biron Snowshelf, there is another pinwheel on a small rock. Shoot the three balloons to get another Korok. Just northwest of the Korok, there is a treasure chest buried in the ground that contains five Bomb Arrows. To the northeast of the Korok, there is another treasure chest, this one containing a Ruby gem.

At the northwest end of the Tundra, on the much higher elevation, there is a chest buried in the snow that contains a Knight's Bow. At the northeast end of the Tundra, just northwest of Selmie's Spot, there are a pair of treasure chests. There are a cluster of six trees here and the treasure chest in the snow contains a Sapphire gem. Then a pile of rocks, up against the cliff has a chest with five Bomb Arrows.

Selmie's Shield-Surfing

Main article: Selmie's Shield-Surfing

If Link speaks with Selmie at Selmie's Spot, he can participate in Selmie's Shield-Surfing mini-game. The entirety of the beginner's course takes place on the Hebra Tundra, where Link will need to Shield Surf down the slope, heading westward to a bridge that is just north of the Biron Snowshelf. The advanced course takes Link across this same path, and eventually turning southward, heading towards the Sturnida Basin.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand next to the pinwheel and shoot the three balloons. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Stand near the pinwheel, shoot the balloons.

Climb to the top of the hill to find a pinwheel. The three balloons constantly disappear and reappear over the nearby trees.

Stand near the pinwheel, shoot the balloons.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Hebra Tundra is a cold area found in the middle of the Hebra Mountains. It is very cold and will require Link to have two levels of Cold Resistance in order to survive. Early in the quest, the Blizzard effecting Rito Village will cause it to be perpetually snowing in the area.

At the far northeast end of the area, a bit down the cliff, there is an ice block. When melted, there is a treasure chest behind it which contains three Zonaite.

Korok Seed

  • At the top of the hill found at the south end of the Hebra Tundra. Lift the rock to get the Korok Seed.
  • At the west part of the tundra, on a plateau, there is an Ice Block. Melt it and lift the rock to get the Korok Seed.
  • At the far western end of the tundra, down the slope, there is a Korok trying to reunite with his friend. Carry him over to the northwest end of the Biron Snowshelf to reunite them and get a pair of Korok Seeds.


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