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Ice Block




Press switches to solve puzzles

Ice Blocks are reoccurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series. They are often found in ice-based dungeons and are used to solve puzzles by pushing them on to switches or near higher ledges.

Ocarina of Time

An Ice Block from Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Ice Blocks appear within the Ice Cavern and Ganon's Castle. These blocks are pushed against walls, which when climbed on, will allow Link to reach higher ledges, and sometimes acquire Silver Rupees that are needed to solve puzzles. In rooms with Ice Blocks, there is often a whole in the ground where Link can push the block into the hole, cause a new block to appear in the original location of the Ice Block.

Majora's Mask

Ice Blocks in Majora's Mask are created by shooting a Blue ChuChu or an Octorok with an Ice Arrow. This process is used within the Great Bay Temple to solve puzzles, as well as within Ikana Canyon.

Oracle of Seasons

Ice Blocks can be found within the Sword & Shield Maze, the final dungeon in Oracle of Seasons. Link can push these Ice Blocks across the ice, and will need to push them on top of floor switches to solve puzzles.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap Ice Blocks are more common and come in multiple forms. Many Ice Blocks are empty blocks that can be pushed on to switches to solve puzzles. Other Ice Blocks contain a Small Key or a Boss Key within them and Link will need to melt the ice. This can be done by pushing the block of ice on to an area that has sunlight shining on it, causing the block to melt. After Link has acquired the Flame Lantern, he can melt the block of ice. Link will also find a few Treasure Chests that are surrounded by ice and they can also be melted with the Flame Lantern.

Twilight Princess

Ice Blocks in Twilight Princess take on a different appearance. These are large cubes that can be found on top of ice within the Snowpeak Ruins and within certain Caves in the Overworld. While the blocks themselves are not made of ice, they are nearly identical to their Ocarina of Time appearance. Link will need to push them across the ice to land on switches to solve puzzles. Some of these blocks are in fact surrounded by a sheet of ice and cannot be pushed. Link will need to hit these blocks with the Ball and Chain to break the ice, allowing Link to push the blocks.