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Selmie, also known as the Duches of Downhill, is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Selmie can be found at Selmie's Spot, a cabin deep within the Hebra Mountains. She is well versed in Shield Surfing, but has since retired from the recreational activity.[1] She refers to herself as the best there ever was at shield surfing. When Link arrives, Selmie welcomes Link to the middle of nowhere, commenting on whatever type of shield that Link is currently wearing.[2] She asks if Link came all the way to see her and is a bit surprised if Link says he didn't.[3]

Selmie's Shield-Surfing

Main article: Selmie's Shield-Surfing

Selmie will set up a surfing course for Link to play, but it costs 20 rupees.[4][5] Selmie offers a beginner course, which Link is required to play first, before then offering an advanced course.[6]

Selmie gives Link a brief rundown of how everything works. Selmie explains to Link that he must hold out his shield and then jump onto it. At anytime, Link is able to leave his shield, and even glide with the Paraglider.[7][8] The end goal is for Link to reach a big bridge off in the distance.[9][10]

If Link is able to complete the beginner course in less than one minute, this will open the advanced course.[11][12]

If at anytime it takes Link more than two minutes, time will expire and Link is returned to the top of the slopes.[13][14]

After playing for a while, Selmie will return Link to the cabin, telling him to take a break.[15][16]

Selmie's Notes

Main article: Selmie's Notes

Selmie also runs the Hebra Trailhead Lodge, found at the south end of the Hebra region and one of the entrance points to the Hebra Mountains. She leaves items so that any travelers who will be venturing into the Hebra Mountains are prepared for the challenging conditions ahead. Found within the cabin is a Stamella Shroom, Spicy Pepper, Ice Meat, and a treasure chest with a Meteor Rod.

She has written a diary with Selmie's Notes, giving further pre-caution to any travelers. She is concerned by the high accident rate on the mountain and the amount of deaths that have occurred on the mountain. To help travelers along the way, Selmie has planted massive flags all throughout the Hebra Mountains. Wherever a flag can be found, there are always some barrels that have some supplies that will help travelers survive in the Hebra climate.

Other travelers have added content to the notes, thanking her for help.


  • The shields displayed inside her cabin are the only shields in the game Link can't appropriate. If Link tries to remove them from the wall with Magnesis, Selmie will immediately raise her voice in protest. However, Link can take pictures of those for the Hyrule Compendium in order to later search for them using the Sheikah Sensor.


  1. I didn't know what love was until I saw Selmie sliding down the slopes... I can't believe you retired... Where did you go? - Selmie's Notes
  2. Huh... Welcome to the middle of nowhere. Population: us. *sigh...* Hey... What's that on your back?! It's a steel Lizal shield! That spike is worth major style points for when you want to look hard-core on the slope! If you're carrying THAT shield, then... Whoa. This is big! You hiked all the way to meet the best there ever was at shield surfing, right? - Selmie
  3. Really? Are...are you sure? I-it's not like I was expecting visitors today? - Selmie
  4. I'll watch you surf. If you don't mind a little attention from a former pro, that is. - Selmie
  5. I will need you to cough up 20 rupees as a course fee. - Selmie
  6. Smart choice. I always say, if you're not willing to put your money where your mouth is, how serious are you really? Then let's get straight to the slopes. Follow me! - Selmie
  7. Do you need a rundown on how this works? - Selmie
  8. Wow, you seem serious about this. Not very surfer-like, but OK. I'll boil it down for you. Shield surfing is all about how fast you can make it to the bottom of the hill. Quick check-you do know how to surf, right? Just hold out your shield, and then hop onto it in mid-jump. For this course, I don't care if you stay on your shield or not. You can go so fast that you start to fly for all I care. - Selmie
  9. Straight down from here, you'll see a big bridge. Why don't you start by surfing your way there? It's a pretty no-frills course, but it'll help me get a bead on where you're at with your technique. If I dig the way you surf, I'll let you advance to the next step. But we can go down that hill when we get to it. - Selmie
  10. I wanna see you shred out there. You ready? On your mark... - Selmie
  11. You clocked in at 00:46.49... Pretty average time, all told. I'm not too keen on letting you move on, but... Well, I'll make it your call. You comfy where you are, or do you want to push ahead anyway? - Selmie
  12. Good. Knowing your limits is important when it comes to a hobby that involves screaming down the side of a mountain. You know, you've got a good head on your shoulders. Let's keep it there. So want to hit the slop again? It'll be another 20 rupees for the course fee. - Selmie
  13. I've seen slowpokes before.. - Selmie
  14. You still have some room to improve, but who doesn't? Stick with it, and I think you can cut your time in half. - Selmie
  15. One helpful thing is thinking about your moves in advance. Don't get so caught up in the run that you forget your goal. You seem off your game today... Well, everyone needs a break sometimes. You must be cold. I'll see you back to the cabin. You can warm up a bit there before you go. - Selmie
  16. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you beat your record the next time we meet. - Selmie