Selmie's Notes

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Selmie's Notes

Selmie's Notes, also known as the Evacuation Hut Nutes, is an item in Breath of the Wild, found in the Hebra Trailhead Lodge. The notes are originally written by Selmie, the self-described Duchess of Downhill. She has created the notes for travelers who will be heading into the Hebra Mountains.


Whether you've come to Hebra Mountain to shield surf the slopes, hunt treasure, or just take a walk, you must remember... This. Mountain. Will. Kill. You! The accident rate on this mountain is too high to measure! And before anything else, you must dress appropriately for the weather here, not like your heading to Hyrule Field!

Despite the dangers, though, this snow peak really is extremely beautiful. And it's an ideal spot for shield surfing. I want as many people as possible to enjoy shield surfing, so I'll leave behind this manual for survival on the mountain. I hope that it can help people enjoy Hebra Mountain.

I've left a few things behind on the mountain trails and at the base of the flags planted. If you're in trouble, spot a flag and head toward it. Hopefully these items will be of use to you!

Someone else has added notes...

Selmie! Baby! I think I'm a better shield surfer! If I prove it, can we get married? ^This total loser will never win! I didn't know what love was until I saw Selmie sliding down the slopes... I can't believe you retired... Where did you go? Selmie, thank you for leaving the food! I'll make good use of it here in the hut! I saw some kid north of Coldsnap Hollow! He looked like he was pretty great at shield surfing!

Selmite, thanks for the food that was left here. It seriously saved my life. I'll be sure to leave some for the next person. To whoever is reading this, please take as much of the food as you need.