Selmie's Shield-Surfing

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Selmie's Shield-Surfing





20 Rupees


Race down the slope.


Shields (see § Rewards)


Selmie's Shield-Surfing is a mini-game located at Selmie's Spot in Breath of the Wild.

Speak with Selmie within the cabin and she will initially comment on whichever shield Link currently has equipped. Eventually she will offer to setup the surfing course for Link to play, but it costs 20 rupees.[1][2] If at anytime during the mini-game, Link spends too much time, Selmie will return Link to her Cabin, saying that perhaps Link has had enough for the day. Completing the mini-game on the Advanced Course will give Link the opportunity to win some stronger shields.[3]

Beginner's Course

The beginner's course is a fairly simple course that starts right outside Selmie's Spot and goes directly westward down the Hebra Tundra. The path is straight forward and ends when Link crosses a bridge, where the Hebra Tundra meets with the Biron Snowshelf. Towards the end of the main pathway, it forks and Link can go left or right. Alternatively, Link can right in the middle, taking the bumpy path and then leaping off the ledge. This is actually slightly faster, but Link might take damage when falling from a higher point.

While surfing, it is recommended to always stay on your shield. Shield surfing is always faster than running and is also faster than paragliding. If Link gets a time over one minute, Selmie will advise Link to stick with the beginner's course, and the advanced course will not be unlocked. If Link gets a time under one minute and more than 45-seconds, Selmie tells Link that he has room for improvement, but gives him the option to keep trying at the beginner's course.[4] Getting a time under 45-seconds will cause Selmie to tell Link he's mastered the beginner's course and it's time to move on.[5]

Advanced Course

The advanced course is more of the same, except the actual course is much longer. The first half is identical to that have the beginner's course. However, once Link passes the bridge, he continues westward before then during to the south, surfing down the Biron Snowshelf. The course ends at the Sturnida Basin, just before reaching the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.

Getting a time under 1:50.00 will be a record time, better than Selmie had ever done. She will reward Link with a Knight's Shield.[6]

If Link gets a time under 1:35.00, Selmie will reward Link with the even stronger, Royal Shield. However, in order to get a time this good, Link will need to cut some corners. Right from the start of the race, turn to the south, traveling down the slope that is just west of the Coldsnap Hollow. Glancing at the map, Link wants to surf down the gradual slope westward, all the way to Lake Kilsie. From there, he wants to paraglide to get across the Lake. Link will need to run the last bit of distance to reach the flagpoles in under 1:35.00.[7] Other possible routes include taking the normal route that Selmie intended, and then by veering to the left past a monster camp, which will eventually lead you to the route mentioned previously, and by bypassing the Hebra Tundra via the Biron Snowshelf


  • It's recommended to take the course during the day, as doing it at night poses the risk of Stalkoblins, Stalmoblins and Stalizalfos popping from the ground in front of Link, as he careens down the mountain too fast to avoid those.
  • It's not absolutely necessary to shield surf through the duration of the course, as the goal can be reached by paragliding.



Mode Time Reward
0:45.00 - 1:00.00
Opens Advanced Course
0:45.00 or less
Selmie compliments Link and suggests Advanced Course

Advanced Course Rewards

  • Note: Shields awarded in this course can only be obtained once. Once obtained, Selmie instead rewards Link with 100 Rupees for beating 1:35.
Time Reward
1:35 or less
1:35 - 1:50
1:50 - 2:05
2:05 - 2:20
2:20 - 2:35
2:35 - 2:50
2:50 - 3:05
3:05 - 3:20
3:20 - 4:00


  1. I'll watch you surf. If you don't mind a little attention from a former pro, that is. - Selmie
  2. I will need you to cough up 20 rupees as a course fee. - Selmie
  3. Once you clear the advanced course, you can earn special shields for beating certain times. How's that for incentive? looks like you have all the shields you can carry. Ditch one or I can't give you your proper reward! - Selmie
  4. You clocked in at 00:46.49... Pretty average time, all told. I'm not too keen on letting you move on, but... Well, I'll make it your call. You comfy where you are, or do you want to push ahead anyway? - Selmie
  5. You clocked in at 00:44.88... Great run! I'm definitely seeing some talent in you. I'd like to see what you can do on a harder slope now. You can consider the advanced course open for business! Make me proud, OK? - Selmie
  6. You clocked in at 01:46.19?! That's... That's better than I've ever done... You beat my record. What are you still paying me instruction fees for? There's nothing else I can teach you. Well done, champ. A shiny new record deserves a shiny new shield. Here y'go! - Selmie
  7. Wow-01:29.39?! You're no slouch! Keep that up, and you could easily go pro someday. A shiny new record deserves a shiny new shield. Here y'go! - Selmie