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The Tabantha Tower Region is a tower region in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The tower region is bordered by the Tanagar Canyon, Hebra Tower Region, and the edge of Hyrule. As part of Hebra. much of it is cold, but not all of it requires Cold Resistance, and unlike the Hebra Tower region, Lv. 1 cold resistance is generally sufficient. Kaysa's Great Fairy Fountain is located on Piper Ridge, to the south of the region.

It contains Rito Village, home of the Rito, and after completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon, Vah Medoh sits on a rocky outcrop over Rito Village and can be seen from almost anywhere in Hyrule. There are dozens of coniferous trees surrounding the village, and the nearby Rito Stable has cut down some of them (the logs they produce can be blown or chopped up for a plentiful supply of Wood).

A path travels up from the southwest at the Tabantha Bridge Stable in the Ridgeland Tower Region, and makes its way up around Piper Ridge, then continues along the edge of Tanagar Canyon across Kolami Bridge and curves around to Rito Stable.

Another path leads from Rito Stable, around Lake Totori, and up to the Flight Range, a training area that was constructed at the request of Revali. Strong updrafts blow up from the bottom, and Teba, the best Rito warrior of his generation, and his son, Tulin, both train there. It's the last stop before Link takes on the challenge subduing Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

A Stone Talus sits in one crater of a crater field, just to the west of Strock Lake.




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