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The Tabantha Tower Region is a tower region in Breath of the Wild.


The tower region is bordered by the Tanagar Canyon, Hebra Tower Region, and the edge of Hyrule. It contains Rito Village, home of the Rito, and after completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon, Vah Medoh sits on a rocky outcrop over Rito Village and can be seen from almost anywhere in Hyrule. There are dozens of coniferous trees surrounding the village, and the nearby Rito Stable has cut down some of them (the logs they produce can be blown or chopped up for a plentiful supply of Wood).

A path travels up from the southwest at the Tabantha Bridge Stable in the Ridgeland Tower Region, and makes its way up around Piper Ridge, then continues along the edge of Tanagar Canyon across Kolami Bridge and curves around to Rito Stable.

Another path leads from Rito Stable, around Lake Totori, and up to the Flight Range, a training area that was constructed at the request of Revali. Strong updrafts blow up from the bottom, and Teba, the best Rito warrior of his generation, and his son, Tulin, both train there. It's the last stop before Link takes on the challenge subduing Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

A Stone Talus sits in one crater of a crater field, just to the west of Strock Lake.


Base Game

Kah Okeo Shrine

Main article: Kah Okeo Shrine

The Kah Okeo Shrine is located in the southwestern most corner of the Tabantha Tower Region. It is hidden under a metal slab, which will need to be lifted from the ground to enter the shrine.

Tena Ko'sah Shrine

Main article: Tena Ko'sah Shrine

The Tena Ko'sah Shrine lies at the head of the ancient columns, in plain sight. Southwest of the Tabantha Great Bridge, it's easy to walk there up through the Rayne Highlands.

Bareeda Naag Shrine

Main article: Bareeda Naag Shrine

The Bareeda Naag Shrine can only be accessed after completing the The Ancient Rito Song Shrine Quest, which will require you to make a campfire on the shrine pedestal when a shadow passes over it. The pedestal and shrine itself sit at the base of Cuho Mountain, along the path that leads from Rito Stable to the Flight Range, directly to the south of Rito Village.

Voo Lota Shrine

Main article: Voo Lota Shrine

The Voo Lota Shrine rises up from the ground at Warbler's Nest, after completing the Recital at Warbler's Nest Shrine Quest. The shrine lies directly east of Rito Village, and is close to Dragon Bone Mire.

Akh Va'quot Shrine

Main article: Akh Va'quot Shrine

The Akh Va'quot Shrine is the shrine in Rito Village, near the top of the walkway that winds up the side of the rocky pillar.

Sha Warvo Shrine

Main article: Sha Warvo Shrine

The Sha Warvo Shrine is located on the path to the Flight Range that curves up from Rito Stable. It is farily hidden, appearing only when looking back on the path.


Noe Rajee Shrine

Main article: Noe Rajee Shrine

The Noe Rajee Shrine is located at the bottom of the Flight Range. It can only be accessed with The Champions' Ballad DLC, after starting the EX Champion Revali's Song main quest. To unearth it, you must shoot four targets at the same time, or use bullet time and shoot four targets while in bullet time. Once completed, the shrine will appear at the bottom of the flight range.

Side Quests

The Apple of My Eye

Main article: The Apple of My Eye

Talk to Juney in Rito Village. She requests a Baked Apple. Drop an apple by a campfire, and let it roast. Once you have the Baked Apple, talk to Juney again to complete the quest.

Curry for What Ails You

Main article: Curry for What Ails You

To start the quest, talk to Lester at Rito Stable. He will ask you for some Goron Spice. You can find some available to buy some in Goron City. Return to him to be rewarded with a purple rupee and complete the quest.

Face the Frost Talus

Main article: Face the Frost Talus

Find Kheel

Main article: Find Kheel

The Spark of Romance

Main article: The Spark of Romance