Find Kheel

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Find Kheel





Find Amali's daughter Kheel


Purple Rupee

Find Kheel is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Amali in Rito Village to start this quest.


Set the quest as the current objective to get an objective marker, head there, and talk to Kheel.

Continue to have the quest as the current objective to return to Amali to complete the quest and get a purple rupee.

Note: If you have already completed the "Recital at Warbler's Nest' Shrine Quest, Kheel and her sisters will all be with their mother at the platform near Akh Va'guot Shrine. Talking to Amali to start the quest will result in her giving you the sidequest reward before the sidequest then starts and completes itself automatically.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

Amali was relieved to hear that Kheel was only practicing her singing at Warbler's nest.

Now that you've assured her mother, Kheel has a favor for you as well.