Sho Dantu Shrine

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Sho Dantu Shrine



Northeast Karusa Valley in the Gerudo Highlands








Sho Dantu Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. To reveal Sho Dantu Shrine, the stone sign says to "Offer a shining blue stone." Placing a Luminous Stone on the shrine plate will reveal the shrine.



Drop a Luminous Stone on the pedestal to reveal the shrine. Some can be found quite close by.

Two Bombs

As soon as you enter, turn left and blow up wooden crates to access another room.

In the back of this room is a chest, open it for a Silver Rupee. Now place a cube bomb on the moving platform, and when it is launched up to the shock crystal behind the grate, detonate it. This will open a gate on the opposite side of the main room.

On this side, the objective is the same, but the platform doesn't move by itself. Again put a cube bomb on it, but to make it move, toss a round bomb at the shock crystal in the back (where the chest was on the other side). Detonate the round bomb first, then the cube bomb when it's as high as it will go. This opens the middle door back in the main room.

In the final area, put both types of bombs on the launchers. The cube will land in the middle, and the round bomb should go back and forth.

Now stand on one of the platforms near the entrance. When you detonate the cube (make sure it doesn't hit the round bomb too) the platforms will rise but the gate will lock.

Move off the platform to stand in front of the gate, then detonate the round bomb when its next to the crystal to open the gate. Head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.