Ha Dahamar Shrine

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Ha Dahamar Shrine



West side of the Dueling Peaks Stable in West Necluda








The Ha Dahamar Shrine, also known as The Water Guides, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


This shrine is in the small pond west of Dueling Peaks Stable. In order to clear the spikes surrounding the entrance to the shrine, Link can:

  • Create an Ice Block using Cryonis;
  • Jump from the mountain behind the shrine;
  • Do a Shield Jump close to the spikes and land on the entrance.

The Water Guides

This shrine teaches Link that Cryonis can be used on walls, if there is water there. Use Cryonis on the waterfall to the right to create an ice block and then climb up and cross the gap. Repeat the same process to cross the second gap.

After crossing the second gap, turn around and you will see a treasure chest above the path you just took. Use Cryonis to create a pair of ice blocks on the waterfall to create a staircase, allowing you to climb up. Open the treasure chest to get a Purple Rupee.

The final area contains a big waterfall wall to your right with a boulder rolling down the ramps. Link will need to use Cryonis to strategically place three ice blocks on the waterfall, causing the large block to fall in into the hole.

  1. The first ice block you create should prevent the ball from crossing the first gap, leaving enough space so that it then falls down towards the seesaw.
  2. The second block you create should be placed underneath the left side of the seesaw, so the weight of the ball does not tilt it.
  3. The third and final block you create should be in the gap between the seesaw and the circle socket to the right, allowing the ball to roll towards the hole.

If correctly placed, the ball will make it to the hole, opening the door so you can access the altar and get your Spirit Orb. Once the shrine is defeated, the spikes outside will disappear so that you can exit more easily.


Solution to the puzzle