Daag Chokah Shrine

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Daag Chokah Shrine



The northwestern reaches of the Lost Woods within the Great Hyrule Forest








Daag Chokah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. It's one of the shrines associated to The Korok Trials located at the Lost Woods.


Shrine Quest: The Lost Pilgrimage

Talk to Tasho in the Great Hyrule Forest to get the quest.

Follow Oaki through the woods without being seen to unlock access to the shrine. The path Oaki takes follows a zig zag pattern to the northwest. Almost all the way to the shrine there is a wolf that can cause trouble. Either kill it with an arrow or throw meat on the ground to distract it.

Like in the rest of the Lost Woods, if you go too far off the intended path, the spirits of the woods will catch you and reset you to the start. Keep an eye out for the fog closing in, and immediately reverse directions if it does.

When Oaki begins to celebrate that he has found the shrine, it is now safe to move in close and speak to him to complete the shrine quest. Do so before you enter the shrine, or you'll have to follow him all over again to complete the quest.

The path to the shrine is marked by stars. The skull is where the wolf spawns.

Daag Chokah's Blessing

After all that effort, the shrine itself contains no challenges at all. Simply move forward, open the chest for an Ancient Core, and then examine the altar for your well-earned Spirit Orb. Congrats!


  • It's recommended that stealth-enhancing methods are used, such as meals or armor like the Stealth Set.
  • The trial can be cleared as long as Link follows the path, even past Oaki, just as long as the little Korok doesn't see Link until it reaches the flower bed next to the shrine. As such, it's recommended not to follow Oaki directly behind him, but rather, taking cover by going behind trees to the side of the path.
  • If you enter the shrine without talking to Oaki, you will not complete the quest, and if you teleport directly to another place, you will need to re-challenge the quest.