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Stealth Set





1800 Rupees


Increases stealth





Base Defense

6 (2 per piece)

Set Bonus

Night Speed Up


The Stealth Set, also known as the Sheikah Set, is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

The Stealth Set is exclusively found at the Armor Shop in Kakariko Village. The shop is known as Enchanted and is run by the shop owner, Claree. It's the most expensive out of the two sets sold at the shop, the other one being the Hylian Set.



Tier Armor Materials
Base 2 1800 Rupees
4 3 × Blue Nightshade
★★ 6 5 × Blue Nightshade
5 × Sunset Firefly
★★★ 9 8 × Silent Shroom
5 × Sneaky River Snail
★★★★ 16 10 × Stealthfin Trout
5 × Silent Princess


  • The set is mainly used for approaching enemies unawares, either by sneak-striking them or by approaching them in their sleep. The ★★+ enhanced set makes Link effectively inaudible while trotting, though running will remove said stealth.
  • The set is particularly useful for hunting down skittish critters like fish, bugs and fairies which may be used for cooking, potion-making, and armor enhancement. Without the stealth, said creatures hurriedly flee when Link approaches otherwise.
  • At a maximum defense of 16 at a ★★★★ level (cumulative defense of 48 when the whole set is upgraded), the Stealth Set is defensively the weakest enhanceable set available in the base game.
  • It's important to consider that, while Link is stealthy and fast at night by wearing the set, Stal enemies that sprout from the ground can still be triggered.
  • The set's effects can also be achieved through the use of the amiibo-exclusive Sheik's Mask replacing the Stealth Mask, but considering that the former requires the use of multiple Star Fragments to upgrade at every level, this may prove counterproductive for essentially equal results.

Age of Calamity

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