Royal Guard Set

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Royal Guard Set
Royal Guard Set - BotW.png







No (Breath of the Wild)
Yes (Tears of the Kingdom)

Base Defense

12 (4 × 3)

Set Bonus

Charge Attack Stamina Up

The Royal Guard Set is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Royal Guard Set have a cumulative defense of 4, and cannot be enhanced by a Great Fairy. They also cannot be dyed. They were only available as part of the DLC Expansion Pass for Breath of the Wild.

All pieces are initially found in Hyrule Castle, although can be rebought afterward from Granté in Tarrey Town.

Image Item Location
Royal Guard Cap Room above the Sanctum
Royal Guard Uniform A small room close to the Dining Hall.
Royal Guard Boots Guards' Chamber

The pieces have no individual bonuses, but the Set Bonus is Charge Atk. Stamina Up, though there are two hidden boosts: Climbing Jump Stamina Up and Swim Dash Stamina Up.

Age of Calamity

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The Royal Guard Set in Age of Calamity looks the same as the one found in Breath of the Wild, but is purely cosmetic.

Image Item Location
Royal Guard Cap Reward from King Rhoam's Training
Royal Guard Uniform Reward from King's Escort.
Royal Guard Boots Reward from A King Serves His People

Tears of the Kingdom

The Royal Guard Set in Tears of the Kingdom is very similar to its version in Breath of the Wild: It has the same base defense, the same ability and the same appearance as in the previous game. The set bonus, however, isn't present initially, requiring enhancing the set. Its three pieces can be found in chests in Hyrule Castle.


Image Item Location
Royal Guard Cap Behind a curtain in Princess Zelda's Room.
Royal Guard Uniform On the ledge on the back wall of the Guards' Chamber.
Royal Guard Boots By the back wall of the King's Study.


Unlike in Breath of the Wild the Royal Guard Set can be enhanced at a Great Fairy Fountain. Enhancing the set to tier 2 will unlock it's "Charge Attack Stamina Up" set bonus. As with every enhanceable armor in the game, enhancing each piece will cost 10 rupees for tier 1, 50 rupees for tier 2, 200 rupees for tier 3 and 500 rupees for tier 4, in addition to the required materials.

Tier Armor Materials
Base 4 Not Applicable
6 3 × Boss Bokoblin Horn
3 × Bokoblin Guts
★★ 10 3 × Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn
3 × Boss Bokoblin Guts
★★★ 15 3 × Black Boss Bokoblin Horn
3 × Hinox Guts
★★★★ 24 3 × Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn
3 × Molduga Guts
3 × Gleeok Guts