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Hylian Set





270 Rupees
180 Rupees (if Hylian Trousers were obtained at the Great Plateau)





Base Defense


The Hylian Set is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

The Hylian Set can be purchased from Enchanted in Kakariko Village, as well as the Ventest Clothing Boutique shop in Hateno Village. The Trousers can be obtained separately from a chest located at the northeast of the Temple of Time, in the first smaller building ruins following the fronth path from the Temple, guarded by a Bokoblin.


Image Item Cost (Rupees)
Hylian Hood 60
Hylian Tunic 120
Hylian Trousers 90


The items in this set can be upgraded by a Great Fairy Fountain and cost Monster Parts to upgrade. Enhancing items requires that you have unlocked as many fountains as the desired star-level. Upgrading the set brings no bonuses except the listed increase in armor strength.

Due to the relatively early availability of the ingredients to upgrade it, the Hylian Set is one of the sets that can be fully upgraded the earliest in the game alongside the Soldier's Set.

Tier Armor Materials
Base 3 Rupees
5 5 x Bokoblin Horn
★★ 8 8 x Bokoblin Horn
5 x Bokoblin Fang
★★★ 12 10 x Bokoblin Fang
5 x Bokoblin Guts
★★★★ 20 15 x Bokoblin Guts
15 x Amber


The items in this set can be dyed at Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village. A depiction of the colours for each piece can be found on their respective page. One use of the dye vat will cost 20 Rupees and will dye one suit of armor pieces.


  • Alongside the Desert Voe Set, the Hylian Set can be bought at two shops. No other set save these two has that availability.
  • Initially, it's the only buyable set in the base game which has items that can be obtained outside shops (the Hylian Trousers); that is, until Granté is able to set shop at Tarrey Town, making all rare armor parts available for sale.
  • This is also the cheapest purchasable set in the base game until Granté opens shop. From then, A Well-Worn Outfit is cheaper at a total of 100 rupees.

Age of Calamity

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