Zelda's Ceremonial Robes

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Zelda's Ceremonial Robes
Zelda Ceremonial Robes - HWAoC.png
Key art of Zelda in her Ceremonial Robes from Age of Calamity


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"Priestess robes of pure white that the princess of Hyrule wears during her spiritual training. This decorative vestment reflects some of the finest craftsmanship in Hyrule."

Age of Calamity In-Game Description

Zelda's Ceremonial Robes is a tunic for Zelda seen in Breath of the Wild and equippable in Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

Zelda wore her ceremonial robes to bathe in the Springs of Power, Courage and Wisdom; hoping to activate her latent sealing powers. Unfortunately, every time she failed, becoming more despondent after every attempt. After the last attempt, at the Spring of Wisdom, she went down from Mount Lanayru to greet the Champions. While Urbosa was attempting to console her, Calamity Ganon awoke from under Hyrule Castle. With no opportunity to change, she continued to wear the robes as she despaired at their losses, as her power finally awoke to save Link from a killing blow and as she returned the Master Sword to its pedestal in Korok Forest; and finally as she confronted Ganon and held him at bay for a century.

When she was reconstituted to deal a final blow to Dark Beast Ganon after it was weakened by Link, she still wore the robes; but finally changed into her travelling clothes after all was said and done.

Age of Calamity

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