Miner's Mask

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Miner's Mask
Miner's Mask - TotK icon.png
Icon from Tears of the Kingdom






Base Defense



The Miner's Mask is an armor piece found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A mask used for working in darkness. The attached lamps are filled with bioluminescent material to light the area."

— In-game description

Armor Set

The Miner's Set (together with the Miner's Top and the Miner's Trousers) provide the Set bonus Shining Steps if all three pieces have been enhanced to Lvl ★★. It illuminates dark areas as if having Lvl 3 Glow around Link and in addition, automatically leaves a sparkling effect on the ground when walking (around 5 seconds of walking distance). This sparkling effect illuminates the area around it like a Brightbloom Seed for around 30 seconds.

Enhance Path

Enhancing Armor requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level.

Tier Armor Materials
5 10 × Brightbloom Seeds
10 Rupees
★★ 8 20 × Brightbloom Seeds
5 × Brightcaps
50 Rupees
★★★ 12 15 × Giant Brightbloom Seed
5 × Glowing Cave Fish
10 × Deep Firefly
200 Rupees
★★★★ 20 20 × Giant Brightbloom Seed
3 × Diamonds
10 × Large Zonaite
500 Rupees