Zonaite Set

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Zonaite Set





Energy Up: Reduces Zonai Device energy drain



Base Defense

12 (4 per item)

Set Bonus

Energy Recharge Up




The Zonaite Set is an armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Zonaite Set is obtained through from treasure chests on Lightcast Island, Zonaite Forge Island, & Sky Mine.

Image Item
Zonaite Helm - TotK icon.png
Zonaite Helm
Zonaite Waistguard - TotK icon.png
Zonaite Waistguard
Zonaite Shin Guards - TotK icon.png
Zonaite Shin Guards

Enhance Path

Enhancing any part of the Zonaite Set requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level, plus the materials below. Upgrading the entire set to at least ★★ level gives the Energy Recharge Up Set Bonus, which increases the rate at which Link recharges Zonaite energy.

Tier Defense (per item) Materials (per item) Selling Price (per item)
Base 4 N/A Green-rupee.png 600
7 5 x Soldier Construct Horn
Green-rupee.png 10
Green-rupee.png 650
★★ 12 5 x Soldier Construct II Horn
5 x Captain Construct I Horn
5 x Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 50
Green-rupee.png 750
★★★ 18 5 x Soldier Construct III Horn
5 x Captain Construct II Horn
5 x Large Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 200
Green-rupee.png 950
★★★★ 28 5 x Soldier Construct IV Horn
5 x Captain Construct III Horn
10 x Large Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 500
Green-rupee.png 1450