Zonaite Helm

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Zonaite Helm
Zonaite Helm - TotK icon.png
Icon from Tears of the Kingdom



Lightcast Island, use ascend to get onto the platform above the last mirror target that opens the gate to the Ga-ahisas Shrine.


Cece in Ventest Clothing Boutique (repurchase only)


Green-rupee.png 4000 (repurchase only)

Used by


Energy Up: Reduces Zonai Device energy drain
Increases Mineru's Construct attack power



Base Defense



Set Bonus

Energy Recharge Up




Armor (Head)

The Zonaite Helm is an armor piece found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A helmet forged of zonaite and infused with magic that improves energy efficiency for Zonai devices."

— In-game description

The Zonaite Helm reduces the Energy Cell and Battery drain when using powered Zonai Devices.

In addition, it increases the attack power of Mineru's Construct while worn, similarly to and stacking with the effect of the Solemn Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit. This is shown visually by the crest of the Helm appearing on the construct's head; and is the Zonai counterpart of the various Divine Beast Divine Helms' effect on the other Sages' avatars.

Armor Set

The Zonaite Set (together with the Zonaite Waistguard and the Zonaite Shin Guards) provide the Set Bonus Energy Recharge Up if all three pieces have been enhanced to Lvl ★★ or higher.

Enhance Path

Enhancing Armor requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level.

Tier Defense Materials Selling Price
4 Green-rupee.png 600
7 5 x Soldier Construct Horn
Green-rupee.png 10
Green-rupee.png 650
★★ 12 5 x Soldier Construct II Horn
5 x Captain Construct I Horn
5 x Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 50
Green-rupee.png 750
★★★ 18 5 x Soldier Construct III Horn
5 x Captain Construct II Horn
5 x Large Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 200
Green-rupee.png 950
★★★★ 28 5 x Soldier Construct IV Horn
5 x Captain Construct III Horn
10 x Large Zonaite
Green-rupee.png 500
Green-rupee.png 1450