Froggy Set

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Froggy Set
Froggy Set - TotK.jpg




Complete 4/9/12 jobs for Lucky Clover Gazette







Base Defense

9 (3 per item)

Set Bonus





The Froggy Set, also known as Froggy Armor, is an armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Froggy Set is obtained through the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure. When Link first visits the Lucky Clover Gazette, Traysi offers him the Froggy Set as an incentive to chase down supposed sightings of Princess Zelda for the Gazette. On completing four and nine jobs, respectively, Penn will give Link the Froggy Sleeve and Froggy Leggings. After completing the twelfth and final job, Link reports back to Traysi to receive the Froggy Hood, the final piece of the set.

Each piece worn improves Link's Slip Resistance - the ability to hold on to wet or icy surfaces while climbing. Even wearing the full set does not entirely prevent slipping, however, until the Set Bonus of "Slip Proof" is activated at ★★ level.

Image Item Prerequisite
Froggy Hood - TotK icon.png
Froggy Hood Complete twelve (all) jobs for Lucky Clover Gazette and report back to Traysi
Froggy Sleeve - TotK icon.png
Froggy Sleeve Complete four jobs for Lucky Clover Gazette
Froggy Leggings - TotK icon.png
Froggy Leggings Complete nine jobs for Lucky Clover Gazette

Enhance Path

Enhancing any part of the Froggy Set requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level, plus the materials below. Upgrading the entire set to at least ★★ level gives the Slip Proof Set Bonus, an upgraded version of Slip Resistance which allows Link to climb wet or icy surfaces as if they were dry, with no chance of slipping.

Tier Defense (per item) Materials (per item) Selling Price (per item)
Base 3 N/A Green-rupee.png 600
5 3 x Sticky Lizard
Green-rupee.png 10
Green-rupee.png 650
★★ 8 5 x Horriblin Horn
5 x Sticky Lizard
Green-rupee.png 50
Green-rupee.png 750
★★★ 12 5 x Blue Horriblin Horn
5 x Sticky Frog
Green-rupee.png 200
Green-rupee.png 950
★★★★ 20 5 x Black Horriblin Horn
10 x Horriblin Guts
10 x Opal
Green-rupee.png 500
Green-rupee.png 1450