Slip Resistance

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Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance is an effect in Tears of the Kingdom which allows Link to climb wet surfaces for longer periods of time without slipping and losing extra stamina.

Tears of the Kingdom

In Breath of the Wild, Link frequently encounters many situations where he is climbing a vertical surface while it is raining, making it extremely difficult to complete his ascent without slipping on the wet surface, losing extra stamina, and possibly outright having his climb curtailed completely as a result of the weather. In Tears of the Kingdom, a solution to this has finally been added in the form of Slip Resistance, which provides a counter-effect to this problem. Slip Resistance is useful any time it is raining throughout Hyrule when Link needs to climb somewhere, and especially useful in frequently stormy areas such as Faron, East Necuda, Lanayru and Hyrule Ridge, where it will rain heavily for long stretches of time. Icy surfaces are also much more present in Tears of the Kingdom and Slip Resistance is useful for climbing up these too, which are often present in snowy regions like Mount Lanayru and the Hebra Mountains. It is recommended that Link have the highest level of Slip Resistance enabled as an effect as often as possible when caught in these environments.


The Froggy Set gives Slip Resistance. If Link wears one piece of any of these, he will acquire Slip Resistance level 1, and all three pieces together will provide Level 3 Slip Resistance, making slips while climbing very rare. If this set is leveled up at least twice, it has the Slip Proof bonus effect, ensuring that Link will never slip on any surface in any weather while he wears the full set. This is considerably the most essential bonus effect in the game, as it renders Sticky Elixirs completely outmoded.

Meals & Elixirs

There are two new critters added to this game that provide Slip Resistance when cooked into an elixir. No new foods are added that provide this effect when cooked into meals.

The Sticky Elixir is the only cookable item that can be consumed to increase Slip Resistance, and can be made either with Sticky Lizards or the more potent Sticky Frogs mixed with at least one monster part. The more critters used, the higher level of Slip Resistance generated, with a maximum of Level 3 generated by cooking up to four of them at a time. Cooking under a Blood Moon can also increase effects, much like with other meals. Both of these critters are also required materials for levelling up the Froggy Set.

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