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Zora Set





Free, either given as a reward or found in chests; cannot be sold.


Increases swim speed
Helm gives the ability to do a spin attack in water
Armor allows Link to swim up waterfalls





Set Bonus

Swim Dash Stamina Up


The Zora set is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Zora Set is found in 3 different locations: the Zora Helm at Toto Lake in a metal chest hidden under the water; the Zora Armor after speaking with King Dorephan for the first time; and the Zora Greaves as a reward for completing the Lynel Safari side quest.

The Zora Armor in particular was personally custom-made by Mipha as a gift for Link to express of her love for him.[1]

In The Champions' Ballad DLC, the Zora Set enhanced to ★★ tier will be given to Link in order to fight Waterblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm. However, the equipment will not be available once the Blight is defeated.


Image Item Location
Zora Helm Toto Lake
Zora Armor Speak with King Dorephan
Zora Greaves Completion of Lynel Safari


Tier Armor Materials
Base 3 Free
5 3 × Lizalfos Horn
★★ 8 5 × Lizalfos Talon
5 × Hyrule Bass
★★★ 12 5 × Lizalfos Tail
5 × Hearty Bass
★★★★ 20 10 × Lizalfos Tail
15 × Opal

Age of Calamity

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Tears of the Kingdom

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  • The Zora Set and the Hero of the Wild Set are the only sets in the base game that cannot be bought or sold.


  1. "Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made this special armor for. The fact that this armor fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone!" — Sidon, Breath of the Wild