Gerudo Veil

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Gerudo Veil





180 Rupees


Entry into Gerudo Town
Increased resistance to heat





Base Defense



"A mask worn by Gerudo women. It protects the skin from the harsh sun, but don't expect it to protect much in combat..."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

The Gerudo Veil is a piece of armor found in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

This piece of armor, along with the rest of the Gerudo set, is required to be worn by Link in order to enter the Gerudo Town, and since only women are allowed in, Link must dress like one to trick the guards. The veil, top and sirwal can be bought from Vilia as a set at the Kara Kara Bazaar for 600 Rupees. The veil can be purchased separately at Fashion Passion in Gerudo Town for 180 Rupees, and it will be dyed white by default. It has a base defense of 1 and cannot be enhanced.

When obtained, the Thunder Helm can be worn in place of the veil in order to enter Gerudo Town, but this requires wearing the top and the sirwal/Sand Boots/Snow Boots with it.

Armor Set

The Gerudo Set (also including Gerudo Top and Gerudo Sirwal) increases resistance to heat.

Age of Calamity

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  • In spite of being sold as a traditional Gerudo headwear piece, the veil is worn by no Gerudo at all.