Salvager Set

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Salvager Set
Salvager Set - BotW.png
Screenshot of Salvager Set in-game




Increased Swim Speed





Base Defense

15 (3 × 5)

Set Bonus

Swim Dash Stamina Up

The Salvager Set is a set of armor found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Salvager Set was released as a part of a collaboration with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


Image Item Location
Salvager Headwear Bridge of Hylia
Salvager Vest Skull Lake
Salvager-trousers.png Salvager Trousers Hebra Peak


Main article: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The set is found as part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 side-quest, which was introduced in Breath of the Wild 1.3.3. Three red shooting stars, resembling falling Star Fragments aside from the colour, can be seen falling in separate places around Hyrule. When they land, a red column of light will stand vertical to its position and a unique set of red Treasure Chests will be located at the columns' base.

After Link has obtained this item for the first time, he will be able to repurchase it from Granté in Tarrey Town.

Abilities and Upgrades

Each item in the set has a power of 5, giving it a total of 15 strength., The individual pieces all increase swim speed, and the Set Bonus decreases the amount of stamina used when dashing in water. This set is not able to be enhanced or dyed.