A Well-Worn Outfit

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A Well-Worn Outfit








Base Defense

2 (1 × 2)


The Well-Worn Outfit is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Well-Worn Outfit is the first armor that Link finds along his quest, appearing inside Stone Treasure Chests inside the Shrine of Resurrection, in the room opened after taking the Sheikah Slate from its pedestal. With each armor piece having a base defense of only 1, it is the weakest armor in the game and should only be worn if it is the only armor available. It cannot be enhanced.

After Link has completed the From the Ground Up Side Quest, Link will be able to repurchase it from Granté in Tarrey Town for 50 rupees a piece; at a total cost of 100 rupees, this is the overall cheapest purchasable set in the base game. Link can also sell the Well-Worn Outfit to a variety of shops and characters, and will receive 15 Rupees for each piece of armor sold.

The Well-Worn Hair Band is a retcon from Tears of the Kingdom - while he is always shown wearing it in Breath of the Wild when no other headgear is equipped, it is not named. It has a 0 defense rating in Tears of the Kingdom, the only item from either game to do so.


Image Item Cost
Well-Worn Hair Band - TotK icon.png
Well-Worn Hair Band N/A (wears it when no headgear equipped)
Old Shirt Free (Shrine of Resurrection)
Green-rupee.png 50 (Granté)
Well-Worn Trousers Free (Shrine of Resurrection)
Green-rupee.png 50 (Granté)


The items in this set can be dyed at Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village. A depiction of the colors for each piece can be found on their respective page. One use of the dye vat will cost 20 Rupees and will dye one suit of armor pieces.


  • The Well-Worn Outfit is the only set in the game given to Link unconditionally and free of charge.
  • As detailed in the particular item descriptions, the outfit is small for Link's size.