Bear Minimum Digs

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Bear Minimum Digs
TFH Bear Minimum Digs.png Bear Maximum Digs.png
Bear Minimum Digs, in standard and "Bear MAXIMUM" forms



The Bear Minimum Digs is Link's first outfit in Tri Force Heroes.

Tri Force Heroes

Link begins Tri Force Heroes wearing the Bear Minimum Digs. However, before entering the Drablands, he is obliged to take Sir Combsly's Hytopian Silk to Madame Couture's to have a Hero's Tunic created.

Wearing the Bear Minimum Digs doubles health loss and gives the wearer -1 Heart Container. However, after the 2.1.0 update to the game, the Bear Minimum Digs can be upgraded by obtaining 30 Hero Points. In this form, discernible by a sparkling effect as Link walks and a small crown over the bear head, Link actually gains two heart containers rather than losing one. However, while his ability to dodge is much increased, he will still take double damage from any hit which lands. The Stylish Woman dubs this version "more like Bear MAXIMUM, right, sweetie pie?", although the formal name remains "Bear Minimum Digs".