Lady's Ensemble

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Lady's Ensemble
Lady's Ensemble - TFH.png
Link wearing the Lady's Ensemble





Remove curse on Princess Styla

Used by


+1 Heart Container
Hearts drop more frequently


The Lady's Ensemble is an outfit in Tri Force Heroes.

Tri Force Heroes

The Lady's Ensemble is Lady Maud's signature outfit - a purple and pink dress with a large collar, white gloves & boots, a white hat with a pink ribbon, a large collar and shades. When Link finds the Lady's Glasses after defeating Margoma, Madame Couture - not wishing her sister to be killed to free Princess Styla from the Cursed Tights - suggests that if Link can bring her two more parts of the outfit, she can craft a replica which would allow Link to lift the curse without harming Maud.

However, Link must defeat The Lady's Pets and Lady Maud herself in order to obtain the Lady's Collar and Lady's Parasol, the other two items required to craft the Lady's Ensemble. Nonetheless, with this done, Madame Couture creates the outfit and Link uses it to restore Princess Styla's freedom of dress.

When worn by Link, the outfit combines the effects of the Jack of Hearts and Legendary Dress outfits - adding an extra Heart Container while worn, and causing more hearts to appear in jars, grass, and bushes.