Timeless Tunic

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Timeless Tunic
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Changes music to sound NES-like


The Timeless Tunic is an outfit in Tri Force Heroes.

Tri Force Heroes

The Timeless Tunic is available from the start of the game at Madame Couture's for a price of three Friendly Tokens and 100 rupees. It has no gameplay effects, but changes Link's model to a "retro" voxel (the 3D equivalent of pixels) style, still otherwise based around the Toon Link design, and downmixes the music and sound effects to NES-like "8-bit chiptunes".


  • The Timeless Tunic Tri Force Heroes outfit was created because downmixed chiptune versions of the game's music had been created for local Download Play, as the standard music would not fit into RAM on a 3DS, and the developers wanted to give the players a way of playing with it by themselves.[1].