Cursed Tights

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Cursed Tights
Semi-Cursed Tights
Cursed Tights - TFH.png
Link wearing the Cursed Tights




Obtain Lady's Ensemble, free Princess Styla, talk to King Tuft

Used by


Dodge 50% of hits, receive double damage

The Cursed Tights (Semi-Cursed Tights in the European/Australian version) are an outfit in Tri Force Heroes.

Tri Force Heroes

Princess Styla's dress is transformed into the Cursed Tights by a package sent by Lady Maud. This causes her to lose all her confidence, and the kingdom falls into a depression. King Tuft sends out a call for heroes to travel into the Drablands and force the witch to lift the curse, which Link responds to. By collecting parts of Lady Maud's signature outfit - the Lady's Glasses, Lady's Collar and Lady's Parasol - Madame Couture crafts the Lady's Ensemble, which allows Link to lift the curse.

Afterward, King Tuft presents the Cursed Tights to Link as his reward. The tights give him a 50% chance to dodge any hit, but mean he takes double damage from any hit which lands.