Princess Styla

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Princess Styla
Cursed Princess Styla


Princess of Hytopia





Member of

Hytopian Royal Family




King Tuft (Father)

"Father! Everlasting fashion is finally upon us! Oh, and peace too!"

— Styla, when all is done.

Princess Styla is the Princess of Hytopia in Tri Force Heroes. At the beginning of the game, she was cursed by Lady Maud, who, jealous of her fashionable appearance, gave her a gift that turned her dress into an ugly brown outfit, the Cursed Tights. She hides around town, watching Link. If Link finds her and talks to her, she talks briefly, then runs away. When townsfolk see her, they mistake her for a black ghost.

When her curse is lifted by Link using the Lady's Ensemble, she doesn't hide anymore.



1. "MY POOR BABY GIRL! Why would the witch do such a thing? Link, I implore you! Defeat the witch as soon as possible!"-- King Tuft (Tri Force Heroes)

2. "Now that you have some of The Lady's materials, it's time I showed you this little piece of work. I call it... The Lady's Ensemble! All you have to do is wear it and visit the princess. You can lift her curse, all without defeating The Lady!" -- Madame Couture (Tri Force Heroes)

3. "Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Hytopia. At the heart of this fashion-obsessed land was the lovely Princess Styla. The people adored their fair princess, but the Drablands witch despised the girl's unbearably cute fashion sense. One fateful day, a beautifully wrapped gift arrived at the castle. The sender was unknown, and the box was brimming with an aura of mystery. The princess simply had to open it! Naturally, this was a HUGE mistake. When the smoke cleared, Styla was met with a terrible sight, followed by the witch's voice in her pretty head: "A perfect outfit for a perfect princess". This cursed outfit of ultimate ugliness could not be removed, no matter how the princess tried. Humiliated, she fell into misery and isolation. The people of Hytopia wept for her sake." --Narration (Tri Force Heroes)

4. "Hytopia was once a picturesque and peaceful kingdom, ruled over by the great King Tuft. His daughter, the beloved Princess Styla, was a sweet and fashionable inspiration to all. Then it happened. One fateful day, the witch of the Drablands cursed the princess with an ugly and irremovable outfit. It doesn't stop there. A rumor began to spread that anyone stylish was in danger of being cursed. That's how Hytopia lost its signature style. And that's why the king formed a witch-hunting brigade. He's hoping that new Tri Force Heroes will rise to save Hytopia from despair, just like in the legends of old..." -- Sir Combsly (Tri Force Heroes)

5. "I think I'm starting to get used to this awful outfit... Wow, that sounded so pathetic... " -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)

6. "I had no idea being stuck in plain tights could be so embarrassing... " -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)

7. "Link... I wish we could have met back when I was more presentable... *sniff*" -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)

8. "I just want to wear pretty dresses again... *sniffle*" -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)

9. "H-hello... I didn't think you'd find me here... I just wanted to cheer you on from the sidelines... You're my h-h-hero." -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)

10. "I'm not a dangerous person, though I may look frightening." -- Princess Styla (Tri Force Heroes)