Soldier's Set

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Soldier's Set

The Soldier Set is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild. The Soldier Set can be purchased from the Ventest Clothing Boutique shop in Hateno Village.


Image Item Cost (Rupees)
Soldier's Helm 180
Soldier's Armor 250
Soldier's Greaves 200

Each of the pieces in the set are made of metal, and so wearing any of them will increase the probability that lightning will strike Link during stormy weather.


The items in this set can be upgraded by a Great Fairy Fountain and cost Monster Parts to upgrade. Enhancing items requires that you have unlocked as many fountains as the desired star-level. Upgrading the set brings no bonuses except the listed increase in armor strength.

Tier Armor Materials
Base 4 Rupees
7 5 x Chuchu Jelly
3 x Bokoblin Guts
★★ 12 3 x Keese Eyeball
3 x Moblin Guts
★★★ 18 3 x Lizalfos Tail
1 x Hinox Guts
★★★★ 28 4 x Lynel Hoof
2 x Lynel Guts


The items in this set can be dyed at Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village.