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Glide Set




Complete all three Dive Ceremonies in less than 35 seconds each



Obtained from






Base Defense

6 (2 per item)

Set Bonus

Impact Proof: No Fall Damage




The Glide Set is an armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Glide Set is obtained through the three Dive Ceremonies on Courage Island, Bravery Island and Valor Island. To begin a Dive Ceremony proper, Link must first do an untimed run to spawn the Shrine of Light on the respective island. After this, he can speak to the local Steward Construct to run the ceremony timed, and if he successfully does it in less than 35 seconds, he earns one piece of the Glide Set:

Image Item Prerequisite
Glide Mask - TotK icon.png
Glide Mask Complete Valor Island Dive Ceremony in <0:35
Glide Shirt - TotK icon.png
Glide Shirt Complete Courage Island Dive Ceremony in <0:35
Glide Tights - TotK icon.png
Glide Tights Complete Bravery Island Dive Ceremony in <0:35

Styled after wingsuit, the Glide Set gives the Skydive Mobility Up effect. This allows Link to move farther horizontally for every unit of vertical fall, or to position himself more precisely during a fall.

Enhance Path

Enhancing any part of the Glide Set requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level, plus the materials below. Upgrading the entire set to at least ★★ level gives the Impact Proof Set Bonus, which prevents Link from taking fall damage, regardless of fall height or landing speed. This set bonus does not prevent any other damage.

Tier Defense (per item) Materials (per item) Selling Price (per item)
Base 2 N/A Green-rupee.png 600
4 3 x Keese Wing
Green-rupee.png 10
Green-rupee.png 650
★★ 6 6 x Aerocuda Eyeball
5 x Keese Wing
Green-rupee.png 50
Green-rupee.png 750
★★★ 9 6 x Aerocuda Wing
8 x Aerocuda Eyeball
Green-rupee.png 200
Green-rupee.png 950
★★★★ 16 12 x Gleeok Wing
10 x Aerocuda Wing
8 x Gibdo Wing
Green-rupee.png 500
Green-rupee.png 1450