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Dive Ceremony






Glide through Green Rings in less than 35 seconds



The Dive Ceremony is a mini-game located on Bravery Island, Courage Island and Valor Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

If Link talks to the Steward Construct on Courage Island, it will suggest taking part in the Dive Ceremony. If the Taunhiy Shrine has not yet been spawned, it will take Link to the upper part of the island, but will call any run an untimed "practice run".

To reveal the shrine, Link can examine the ring pedestal, which causes a green ring to appear. Link can then jump off and dive through the green ring. He'll have to carefully glide through the rings and successfully doing so causes the Taunhiy Shrine to appear.

Afterwards, the Steward Construct will comment that he saw Link dive and feels he is prepared for the Dive Ceremony. Link will need to dive from the top of Courage Island and glide through all the green rings. Doing so within 35 seconds will grant Link the Glide Shirt. However, there is a cost of one Zonai Charge to play. Once Link has successfully won the Glide Shirt, the Steward Construct will reduce the time for a win to 20 seconds. Beating this will earn Link a Large Zonai Charge.

Most of the time, simply gliding is fast enough to complete the course in 35 seconds, but nowhere close to being able to get the 20 seconds. Link will need to dive down through the rings and dive most of the time in order to break the record. Each time Link fails or completes the ceremony, he can speak with the Steward Construct to try again.

Two other Dive Ceremonies exist on Bravery Island and Valor Island. The course on each, formed by the rocks, is different, and each gives a different piece of the Glide Set, but the only other change is to the time required to "beat the record" and win a Large Zonai Charge - this is 25 seconds on both the Bravery & Valor Islands.


Courage Island
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